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The Real Deal

Nicole Guillaume is a Psychic Medium, Best Selling Author and Spiritual Mentor. She is best known for her video “What Happens When We Die” which has over 2 million views on YouTube.

Nicole has helped people from all around the world to connect with their loved ones on the other side, and to gain intuitive insight to other areas of their life, such as finances, career, love and family matters. 

She believes that we all come to this planet with spiritual gifts and lessons to learn. As such, Nicole often encourages people to embrace their intuition, strengthen their psychic gifts and to always follow the calling of their heart.

Most Recent Videos & Articles

When you first begin your spiritual journey, or when you lose someone close to you, you may feel lost and overwhelmed. That’s why this site also serves as a library of esoteric knowledge. Please feel free to check out these free resources. You’ll find different videos and articles on the afterlife, consciousness, angels, the law of attraction and so much more. 

How To Use A Pendulum Like A Pro

How To Use A Pendulum Like A Pro

Pendulums are the perfect tool for anyone that wants a simple way to begin their dowsing or divination work. Pendulums can allow you to: Connect to the spirit world Make decisions (by answering yes or no type questions) Find lost objects Clear the chakras In this...

Manifesting With Angels and the Law of Attraction

Manifesting With Angels and the Law of Attraction

"Why should I talk to angels, or manifest with them, when I can go straight to Source?" This is a (rhetorical) question that I've heard many times over the past few years, and I never thought to ponder that question until recently. In this video, we'll discuss when...


Choosing who to trust with a psychic or mediumship reading can feel like a daunting task. You want someone you can trust.
Here’s what a few clients have said about working with Nicole.

“Jon LaFort”

“I was so impressed by your reading Nicole. You told me things about myself that you couldn’t have possibly known. By the time I got off the phone with you, I was a little spooked. I began to wonder if you had cameras hidden in my house! LOL I’ve already referred you to two of my friends. I hope they contact you! Good luck, and thanks again!”

Tennessee, USA

“Andrea G”

“Hi Nicole! When I found you on YouTube I resonated with you right away. I knew I had to get a reading from you. After our session, I felt the heavy burden on my shoulders completely lift! I can’t with express how amazed I was with how you quickly pointed out some of the things I’ve been dealing with in my life! My marriage was a failure and I’ve carried the blame of that for years (even though, as you pointed out, it wasn’t my fault)! I don’t know how to trust people anymore, however I’m going to try! I’ve been crying out for peace & happiness; so thank you for your insight that gave peace today! Thank you!”

Gothenburg, Sweden


Nicole channeled my husband who died 8 months ago. He was so anxious to talk that he showed up 2 hours early! She was absolutely right on with everything! I’ve been given some relief. My Dad and Mother came in too. She has no prior knowledge of their deaths and she described them both to perfection. They were there! She confirmed that Mother was psychic as well. I will do this again. Nicole is for Real and this was an Amazing experience. I highly recommend.