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Welcome To Guiding Echoes!

Hi there! My name is Nicole Guillaume and I am a Psychic Medium, Angel Channel, Tarot Reader and Reiki Master. It is my personal belief that each of us have a spiritual path that is unique to each of us. That’s why there are so many different religions and spiritual belief systems in the world. What resonates with one person, doesn’t resonate with another.

At Guiding Echoes, it is my joy to offer you guidance on your own unique path, whether it’s through a one on one intuitive reading with me, one of my online courses, a teaching on my YouTube channel or one of my fun, interactive inspirational posts on Facebook. I am here to serve and to assist you on your own, unique path.


Angel Readings

Precious soul, the answers to life aren’t always easy to find, because humans have a knack at making things complicated. An angel reading with Nicole will allow you to connect with your angels so that they can offer guidance and wisdom on your current path. While many people ask us about their love life and finances, we are better suited to questions regarding personal growth, enlightenment, energy work and things of a spiritual nature.

If you have questions of a spiritual nature, an angel reading is a good option for you.

Psychic Mediumship

Your loved ones are only a thought away. With a psychic mediumship reading, Nicole is able to tune into your energy to see whom of your loved ones are around you. While it’s common to hear from a good friend, parent, or relative who’s passed away, angels and guides have been known to come forward to. Nicole is a ‘mental medium’ which means that Spirit connects with her through telepathy and impressions. She can not physically see or hear your loved ones who have passed on.

Please note that Nicole can not make any guarantees as to who will come through during a psychic mediumship reading.

Tarot And Oracle Card Readings

Do you have questions about your love life, finances or career? Then a tarot reading is just what you need. Through the powerful images in tarot, Nicole is able to decipher the messages that Spirit has for you. A pictures speaks a thousand words, and tarot is no different. It was the belief of Carl Jung that all humans are connected to a collective consciousness, where various archetypes exist. The tarot is based on such archetypes, which is why it is a powerful intuitive tool, capable of providing you with wisdom and guidance on various topics in your life. Trust your questions to the wisdom of tarot, and watch your future unfold.

Readings are available through phone, Skype and email. 

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