So you order a psychic reading and she tells you the most magnificent story ever. She tells you that you are going to be extremely successful in your career, that you and your partner are going to get married and that an unexpected inheritance is going to come to you soon and solve all of your money issues.

You feel excited when you hear this and you tell all of your friends the wonderful news. However, a few months later, you and your partner break up, you’re fired from your job and aren’t sure if you want to stay in that profession and look for a new career AND you never receive that unexpected inheritance. What you get instead are some unexpected bills.

The psychic told you everything was going to be great, but it wasn’t. So what the hell happened?

Your Path Changed: Maybe the psychic was actually correct in what she told you at the time she told it to you. Remember that psychics, regardless of which tools they use and which spirits they summon, can only tell you what they see, and what they see is always going to be the most probable future based on your current path.

If your path changes, then the outcome changes. So maybe the psychic really did anticipate that you and your lover would get married. Perhaps the two of you were in an awesome place in your relationship and that was the natural progression. But one of you may have done something to change that pass. Maybe you cheated, or he became a druggy. Who knows? But these are MAJOR changes that couldn’t be foreseen because they weren’t supposed to happen.

We each have a destiny, but we each have free will too. As you go about your life, you make choices, and every choice you make has an outcome. Those choices and outcomes can change your future.

The Psychic Was A Fraud: This is not unusual. It’s a sad fact that there are a lot of fake psychics out there. They don’t tell you what they see (because they don’t know how to see the future in the first place). Instead, they tell you what you want to hear.

It’s also a sad fact that there are a lot of people who will continue to go to such psychics time and time again simply because what they say makes them feel good even if it isn’t true.

cross fingers lieYou Purposely Gave The Psychic Wrong Information: A lot of people like to play a game called ‘Test the Psychic.’ This is when you knowingly give false information to a psychic (in other words, you flat out lie to them) to test them. You want to see if they will call you out on your lies and correct you, but here’s the thing: most psychics won’t call you out even when we know you are lying. It’s not in the job description.

It’s best to view psychics as your spiritual partners who help you to get a better line in with the big guy upstairs. We are here to help you and in order to get the most out of your reading, you need to be honest with us. How can we know if we’re on the right track if you’re consciously giving us wrong information? What benefit does it serve to you to lie to a psychic and make him or her frustrated? When you do this, you cause us to doubt ourselves and our gifts. Furthermore, you also prevent yourself from gaining some really good, insightful information.

Honesty is the best policy, and that goes for psychic readings as well.

The Psychic Was Simply Wrong: Yes, believe it or not, this happens from time to time. It’s important to remember that psychics are human, and like all humans, we sometimes make mistakes.

See, when we receive intuitive information, we also have to decode it and figure out what it means. Sometimes, we receive information in the form of images or we may even hear a voice. Sometimes, the voice seems to talk in riddles and the images are like puzzles that need to be placed together carefully. Try as we may, we might get some of the pieces wrong, or we may misinterpret the voice.

We realize that this can be frustrating for you and, believe me, it’s frustrating for us too. No psychic or medium wants to admit that they are wrong but it’s a sad fact of life that sometimes, we are.

The point of an honest psychic reading is to empower you and to give you honest answers to the questions that you are asking. You should never walk away from a reading feeling as if your world is about to fall apart. You should walk away knowing that you have been armed with the incredible gift of insight and that you have the ability to make intelligent choices to have the life that you want.

If you would like to order an honest psychic reading, then visit my READINGS page. There’s a few different readings to choose from and you can ask any question that you like.