Source: Why Am I Getting Less Communication After My Spiritual Awakening? | Guiding Echoes by guidingechoes on Rumble

One of my YouTube viewers recently asked me,

Why am I getting less communication after my spiritual awakening?

That’s an excellent question!

It’s totally normal to assume that once we are awakened, we will receive a steady stream of intuitive information from the Universe. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Many awakened souls have noticed moments or seasons in which the Universe seems to go radio silent. This experience can be alarming, and even saddening, but there is a good reason behind it.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the four different reasons this might happen.

You’ve graduated spiritual Kindergarten. – Remember Kindergarten? It was a lot of fun, right? You got to meet new friends, and you got to do a lot of arts and crafts. In addition to this, you learned how to put different letters of the alphabet together so that you could form different words and phrases. You also learned how to use numbers to add and subtract. Kindergarten was the foundation for everything else you were going to learn in elementary, jr. high and high school.

The first level of your spiritual awakening is the same way. It’s where we are first introduced to our spiritual building blocks. We learn to start putting the pieces together, and when our energy starts to align with that of the Universe. We’re able to process information beyond our physical senses, and feel as if we are a part of a bigger picture.

As you start to gain new spiritual information about the Universe and how it works, you also begin to raise above your current level of being. Some people call this ‘raising your vibration.’ It basically means that you are operating at a new level of awareness, and this awareness is causing your magnetic frequency to vibrate a little faster than before.

Once you graduate spiritual Kindergarten, you move out of that beginner level, and prepare for the next level. You no longer receive intuitive information because your vibrancy no longer matches the information you were previously attuned to.

You need time to integrate what you learned. – One of the things that we have learned through science is that the brain needs time to absorb information. It needs time to create those new neural pathways, and to set them in stone. And what happens is when the brain is overwhelmed with new information, it doesn’t have time to create new neural pathways. It doesn’t have time to absorb that new information, and process it and integrate it because it’s already moving on to the next thing. And so I feel that’s one of the reasons why the Universe, and our guides and angels are so very wise in giving us a break from those downloads, because it allows our mind to process and integrate what we have already learned.

So it’s kind of like, going back to the Kindergarten analogy, once you complete Kindergarten, what happens? You graduate, right? You don’t need to go back to Kindergarten so long as you passed all those tests and you turned in your homework and everything was great. You didn’t need to go back and repeat it. You went on to the next level. You went on to first grade, but between Kindergarten and first grade, you had the summer break, right? You had this period where you didn’t go to school for a while. You had three or four months off, and it was fantastic! You probably put a lot of that information into use and you didn’t even realize it. Right?

As a Kindergartner moving into first grade, you were reading books, you were counting out your money, you were using those skills and it started to happen so naturally that you didn’t even think about it. And that’s how the spiritual world can work too. We start putting some of these spiritual processes into play, and we don’t even realize that we’re doing it. And then once you’ve had time to integrate and process that information, you’re able to move onto first grade, to that next level, and then it’s time for another awakening, where things get a little deeper.

We don’t go through just one awakening. We go through several different awakenings, and this happens as we progress through them, and just like school, every awakening can become a little more intense. It becomes a little harder, because as we start to grow spiritually, we’re able to absorb more information and stronger information, and we might start seeking those even harder questions to life or to spirituality. And so it’s all about allowing that information to come to us during a time when we can absorb it and process it.

You may be going through a very difficult transition. Maybe you’re moving. Maybe you lost a loved one. Maybe you’re just at a point where life feels a little hopeless and you’re not sure what your next move is. Those are all situations that are very overwhelming.

So our awakening process may stop so that we have time to address those issues. If we are going through some type of transition in life that is taking a lot of our energy and a lot of our time, and really causing us to be overwhelmed, imagine how much more overwhelmed we would be if we continued to receive those downloads and that information. It would be pretty hard to process because now we’re trying to put our attention here on this information that we’re learning, but we’re also trying to get past this heavy point in our lives.

The Universe, along with your guides and angels, are giving you a choice.  You’ve received some intuitive information, and now you get to decide if you want to proceed down this path, or  turn around and do your own thing.

The Universe lovingly respects our free will. It is not here to force us to take one path or the other. So what the Universe will do is it will kind of lay out those breadcrumbs for us to follow to a certain point. Then we will get to that fork in the road where we can decide if we want to continue to gather more information and understanding about all these amazing spiritual philosophies, and spiritual thoughts, and theologies. We can decide if we want to go down that path, or maybe we’ll find a different spiritual path that we want to discover, we can do that.

When the awakening stops, when the information stops, you’re at a point where you can consciously decide if you want to move forward, or not. You can check out different books at your library that have to do with different spiritual beliefs, you can of course purchase them on Amazon, you can watch videos like the ones I offer here and on my YouTube channel. You can start doing your own research. You can start doing your own investigating and answer the call of your heart. Because your heart will guide you towards a spiritual belief system or spiritual topics that really speak to you. That catch your interest. Whenever that happens, it’s a good indication that you’re on the right path.

As you answer the invitation of your intuition to explore all these new avenues, you’ll start to notice that the right bits of information start to come to you at the right time. Always remember that where ever you are on your path is perfect for you right now.