Source: What Everybody Needs To Know About Curses by guidingechoes on Rumble

As an intuitive, there has probably been a time in your life when you began to wonder if curses are real. After all, if people can send light and love to one another, what’s to stop them from sending darkness and hate, too?

In this article, we will answer the following questions:

  • What is a curse?
  • Why do people cast curses?
  • When are you most susceptible to curses?
  • How can you prevent curses from causing harm to you?

The reason I felt it was important to create a series on curses is because I was recently the victim of the curse. Although, to be fair, it wasn’t the first time someone had cursed me, but it was the first time that they had succeeded. I set out to find out who had cursed me, what I could do about it, and what causes a curse to be effective or ineffective. Once I found some answers, it was time to share that information with the world.

Now, before we get started, I do want to give you a word of caution:

This series is short, and to the point. You are going to receive just enough information to keep you safe, and to give you some answers. The reason that we won’t dive any deeper into these topics, is because there is a real and sincere threat of losing your mind when you study dark entities and dark energies, even if you are studying them from a point of light. When you become obsessed with dark energies, you will find that they become obsessed with you, and this can be very dangerous. I have had two family members who were obsessed with the topics of demons, spells, dark magick, and I saw this obsession destroy their bodies, and literally cause them to go crazy.

Please know that there is a difference between having enough information to protect yourself, and to gain a basic idea of how curses work (and really, a basic understanding is all most people need), and becoming truly obsessed with them. Consider yourself warned.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, lets start with the first order of business:

What is a curse?

When people think of a curse, they often conjure up an image of a witch or witches hovering over a cauldron while mumbling some incoherent chant. She stirs the contents of the cauldron with a big, wooden spoon and laughs to herself as she imagines the torment that her spell will cause her victim.

But curses don’t require that much work. In fact, curses can be sent to others through mere intention.

A curse is a form of negative energy that has been sent from one person to another. The point of a curse is always to cause harm and chaos. It is meant to inflict some type of pain. (Click here to see my video on the Top Ten Warning Signs of a Curse.)

Now, to be fair, most people are not aware of the power of their thoughts. So if there is someone in your life who absolutely hates you, he or she may not see the harm in imagining all the different, horrible things that can happen to you. Maybe she envisions you being sick, or being hit by a car. Although she would never admit such things, she quietly and privately hopes for and longs for your demise. This type of imagery, charged with strong emotions, create a ball of energy, and since you are the target of her ill-wishes, this negative energy flows to you, and has the potential to make your life a living hell.

Thought based curses are the most common, and of course, there are actual curses that people will cast through a spell, a ritual, or even through prayer or meditation. The intent and emotional charge behind it will determine how successful the curse is, and this and other factors will determine how strongly it will affect you.

Why Do People Send Curses?

There are really only two reasons that people will send curses, and they are:

Anger and Jealousy.

When someone is angry with you, they want to make sure that you pay the price for your sins. At this point, you could say that ‘revenge’ or ‘justice’ is the driving force behind the curse. The sad part is that you may not have done anything wrong to the person who’s sending you the negative energy, but that won’t make the energy any less effective, because in and of itself, all energy is neutral. Energy doesn’t define itself as good or bad. It simply does what its multiple creators tell it to do.

Jealousy is a huge factor in curses, too. A co-worker may become extremely jealous because you got the promotion that you wanted. A man may become upset when the girl he likes goes out with another person. In these cases, a curse is sent because the person feels slighted. They want what you have, and they believe that they deserve it more than you do.

When are you most susceptible to curses?