Ryan Buell is an American ghost hunter and the founder of the Paranormal Research Society. He was also the star of a reality tv show called Paranormal State, which happened to be one of my tv shows. In fact, it was one of the few ghost hunting shows that I actually enjoyed. I liked it because it was also educational. Unlike other ghost hunting shows where ghost hunters intimidate and provoke spirits to show themselves, Ryan and his team usually had a softer approach. They would talk to the ghosts and spirits, and they would do their best to provide answers and solutions to anyone being haunted or harassed by unseen entities. They showed people how to get rid of ghosts and demons, and they informed viewers on the necessity of prayer and protection when chasing after the paranormal.

But after the third season, something seemed off. I couldn’t figure out what. The format hadn’t changed but I noticed that I was liking Ryan less and less. I started to pick up on snide little comments he would make to his crew, and I thought that was a pretty shitty thing to do on national television. As his show became bigger, so did his ego…and it showed.


I stopped watching Paranormal State, and as a result, Ryan Buell fell off my radar. I heard his name mentioned here and there once in a while, mostly on Twitter and Facebook. I followed him both of these platforms for a little while, and like most people, I was concerned when I heard about his pancreatic cancer.

Well, as it turned out, I had nothing to be concerned about, because word got out that Ryan never actually had pancreatic cancer. What he did have was a different form of cancer. Cancer of the soul.

Ryan Buell’s Arrest

On September 18, 2016 Ryan was arrested on two charges of theft in Centre County, Pennsylvania.

Back in 2014, he re-united with Chip Coffey (a psychic medium who frequently appeared on Paranormal State) and asked him to tour with him. Chip agreed, however Ryan failed to make the appropriate accomodations for hotel rooms, speaking venues and travel arrangements, and ended up canceling the show. Ryan had already sold thousands of tickets to the event, yet fans claimed he never refunded a single dime.

Chip Coffey weighed in on this on Facebook.


Sadly, Chip was harassed by Ryan die-hard fans, and here’s what he wrote as a follow up a few days later:


It’s clear that Ryan has some very real problems, but Chip isn’t the only one coming forward about this. Ryan’s own mom has taken to social media and is PLEADING with Ryan’s fans to stop enabling him.


It’s clear that Ryan is a con artist, and many people have speculated that he has a severe drug problem. Although he has conned people out of thousands of dollars, he still has loyal friends who are willing to offer him money, legal counsel, a place to live, you name it. In the meantime, they demonize his mom, Chip and others for speaking out against him.

Did Ryan Buell Lie About His Psychic Gifts?

After news broke of Ryan’s fall from grace, people began to question whether he really had any psychic abilities. In fact, a lot of people surmised that he probably faked those too, yet people who were fortunate enough to actually receive a reading or session with Ryan claim that he’s the real deal.

So here’s what people need to understand…

You do not need to be a good person to have spiritual gifts.

Let me repeat…you do not need to be a good person to have spiritual gifts. The truth is that every person is born with the ability to develop psychic abilities. You can be a complete and total ass hole, yet still have the ability to communicate with spirits. You can be a lying, manipulative womanizer, and still read tarot cards accurately. You can be a thief and still be an amazing energy healer. Why?

Because Spirit is present in all of us, and when we tune into it, when we uncover our abilities, Spirit doesn’t question if we’re good people or bad people. It simply allows us to use our abilities in any way we see fit. How do I know this?

Because I know a world famous astrologer who has an ego the size of a house. He throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, and he’s verbally abusive to his friends and those who are closest to him. He’s an entitled punk who travels the world and money flows to him easily and effortlessly. He has a waiting list that is 6 weeks out, because people often line up to get readings from him, because he is, quite frankly, one of the best astrologers in the world. He’s a terrible friend, and he’s even a drug addict. Yet, despite that, his astrology readings are incredible. He’s easily the best astrologer I’ve ever gotten a reading from. But he’s a dick.

I also know a tarot reader who has been reading tarot professionally for nearly 15 years. She has a thriving practice and makes 6 figures a year. She has a waiting list that’s 4 weeks out, and she speaks at different events several times a year. Yet, she’s a shit talker who can barely get along with other people in her industry. She’s petty, jealous and judgmental. Yet, she’s one of the most accurate tarot readers I’ve ever met. She can toss down those cards and read them with ease.

I know a psychic medium who constantly cheats on her husband, and lies to her friends. She’s ran up an insane amount of credit card debt, and her husband is working two jobs to help her pay it off so that they can buy a house together. But once they start making some headway in their debt, she starts running up those cards again, and gets upset with her husband when he gets upset with her for putting them back in the hole. I have seen this woman cause so much drama and heartache to her husband, kids, friends and her own mother. Yet, there’s no doubt that she can speak to the dead. She speaks to them as easily as I speak to any of my friends on the phone. She’s a terrible mother, horrible wife, and easily one of the most selfish human beings I’ve ever met. But she’s also an incredibly talented psychic medium.

See, the Star Wars stories got it right. The Force (aka: Spirit) flows through all of us. It exists in every living being, and what we choose to do with the Force is completely up to us. We can use the force for good, or for bad. We can use it to heal others, or to harm them.

It should go without saying that there are good people with incredible psychic abilities too, but the point I want to drive home is that you can not believe that someone is a good person simply because they have good talents. Our abilities to connect with the spirit world is no different than a musicians ability to play music with the instrument of his choice.

An Important Message To The Spiritual Community

There are a lot of frauds and bad people in our spiritual communities. There are bullies who have amazing gifts, and there are fakers who have no gifts. Yet many of them know how to manipulate you, because they come across as so sincere and loving. Some of them are able to pass right under our radar because they know how to present themselves as kind and loving intuitives.

So please be very mindful of who you support in our communities. Be mindful of who you give your money too, and most importantly, please don’t excuse the bad behaviors of a so-called guru, spiritual leader or psychic celebrity, because in doing so, you not only enable them to continue along with that behavior, but you enable others to adopt those behaviors as well. Leaders in the spiritual community have an obligation to act with honesty and integrity, because what they do affects all of us. News of Ryan’s cons could have a profound negative effect on ghost hunters and psychic mediums who are legit, and have good character.

As spiritual leaders and public figures, we know that people look up to us, and we owe it to them to act with integrity and honesty. People who are just discovering their paths as psychics or energy workers are the most naive and often the most trusting, and that’s why it’s important for people like Ryan to be called out. So please don’t get mad at people like Chip and Ryan’s mom when they speak up about such matters. They need to speak up, because it’s the only way to create awareness of what really goes on in the professional side of the spiritual industry.

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