When I was a teen, my mom and dad were afraid of the New Age movement (which is the movement that I’m a part of now). When my mom sang at different churches, she had this whole speech that she would deliver before one of her songs. In it, she claimed,
“There are many false philosophies in the world today. The biggest one is the New Age movement. You know, the ones where that say that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. Well, their plan is to stomp out Christianity from the face of the earth. This is why they need the one world order.”
It’s so sad that my parents actually believed this, and that they perpetuated these lies about the New Age movement. Now that I’m a part of it, and I’m neck deep in it, I know that none of this is true. Sadly, many Christians still believe that nonsense, so let me clear things up a bit.
– The New Age movement is not a ‘false philosophy,’ but rather an experience. New Agers seek the truth with an open mind and they incorporate any beliefs and philosophies that resonate with them. This is why they can adopt buddhist principles while worshipping the goddess and praying to Jesus Christ. New Agers long to have an experience with Spirit, which is why they are big on meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices.
– The belief that ‘if you believe in yourself you can do anything,’ did not come from the New Age movement, and it’s hardly anyone’s motto. This belief can be found in several philosophies, cultures and religions from around the world. Even the book of Proverbs emphasizes the importance of faith in your endeavors, and what is faith if not belief in oneself or ability to do something?
– I can assure you that they have no plans to stomp out Christianity from the face of the earth. However, we do have a list of things we’d like to see fade from this planet, such as: Hatred, fear, poverty, illness, disease, suffering, oppression….some religions perpetuate these, and some are awakening so that they no longer feed those energies. So no, New Agers do not want to stomp out any particular religion, because we recognize the truth in all religions. We are all on different paths to the same mountain.
– New Agers are probably more afraid of the one world order than Christians are. In fact, I meet more conspiracy theorists in the New Age world than I did in the Christian world. New Agers do not believe in a one money system, one religion system, or one ruler system. Many of them can hardly stomach the thought of the UN. New Agers believe in enlightenment, and hope that all of mankind will one day reach a time when they can put aside their egos, and live in peace. They recognize that a ‘one world order’ would not accomplish this, because a ‘one world order’ means that one person, one government, one police force is calling the shots. It would be the embodiment of the book 1984. In fact, New Agers step up the fear a notch, because many of them fear a one GALACTIC order!
So no, New Agers do not want to burn your bibles and korans. They recognize that these books play a significant factor in the evolution of man’s spirituality, and that while there is scary stuff in them, there is also wisdom beyond anything we can currently explain. They are not supporters of a one world order, and they are not even really a religion. There is no one book or one creed you can turn to in order to define what all New Agers believe.
In fact, New Agers are kind of like trail mix. There’s lots of different trail mixes. When you use the word ‘trail mix’, you know it simply means a mixture of small bite size snacks. They can range from pretzels and m&ms to peanuts and kale crumbles.
When one claims to be a new ager, there’s really no way of knowing what he or she believes until she explains it. So for those of you who fear new agers, I hope this clears things up for you. 🙂



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