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What a pleasant reading. Nicole was able to pick up on a stressful issue I’ve been having and offered a solution for me to work with. It was a nice surprise and because I hadn’t mentioned this problem it was like a bonus. Our hour-long session was helpful beyond what I was expecting. Quite personalized and specific for what little information I gave when making the appointment.



Nicole channeled my husband who died 8 months ago. He was so anxious to talk that he showed up 2 hours early! She was absolutely right on with everything! I’ve been given some relief. My Dad and Mother came in too. She has no prior knowledge of their deaths and she described them both to perfection. They were there! She confirmed that Mother was psychic as well. I will do this again. Nicole is for Real and this was an Amazing experience. I highly recommend.



I was drawn to Nicole’s YouTube after losing a important friend. I was looking for answers about spirituality and after life. What I found was so much more. I never in a million years thought I’d be using a medium but I’m so thankful for my experience.  She described my friend perfectly and there was so much accurate validation, it was pretty incredible . I was always so sad that I would never know so many things pertaining to him but by the end of the session I didn’t feel so lost anymore . I found so much peace and hope during this beautiful experience. The other part of my reading was a card reading and that part was amazing as well.. I’m so excited to continue on my spiritual path. I’m so happy I found Nicole and I’ll definitely be recommending guiding echos to everyone 💖



Nicole, I am so grateful for my reading with you. You were able to provide me with validation that there is a connection with a very special person on the other side, a person whom I have grieved over for a very long time. I know that I will always miss him, and that there will always be a sadness there for me, but also I am so thankful for your ability to share his thoughts and memories with me. To know that it is possible that he lives on, that he is ok, that he is happy and at peace, that he has loved ones around him, is such a comfort to me. His death was sudden and unexpected, and so young, and I have struggled with it for many years. I believe that this experience will help me to accept it and begin to heal myself. I was amazed that you were able to connect with him and the things that he was presenting you with were very specific to him and his family, without you having any knowledge of me or him beforehand.
The possibility of me being able to restore my faith in what is unseen opens a new door of possible healing for me.
Thank you so much for your kindness and openness.



Nicole is an absolute angel!

Nicole helped me choose the right path when Iwas at a really difficult and heartbreaking crossroads. Her reading reassured me that my intuition was right, and without her, my life could have gone in a really destructive direction. I could say she saved my life, since her confident interpretation opened my eyes and allowed me to see the bigger picture of a situation/person that managed to almost brainwash me.

I can hardly express my gratitude towards her.




Hi Nicole,
Words alone cannot express my gratitude to you for reassuring me my son is alright.  I’m so very pleased he is in the heavenly spiritual ream with his creator father, earthly father and his other ancestors that has crossed over before him. It gives me comfort also to know his experience there in heaven, is far more heavenly than he had ever imagined.  He does not experience pain anymore.  I feel his spirit around me constantly.  I’m pleased to know his father’s spirit is present around me too.  Thank you for informing me of my father’s loving and positive comments about me and my other siblings.  I Want my son to know, I love him and I’m very proud of him.  I miss him very much in the physical, and he is the best son any mother could pray for.  I’m giving God the honor and glory for blessing me with my son’s holy and anointed spiritual seed.  The best day of this journey will be when I will see my son again.  We will never depart again.
A.S. Robinson

Florida, USA

Nicole is down-to-earth, compassionate, and has an exquisite understanding of life after death. Whenever I need guidance, I turn to her for clarity and comfort. I highly recommend working with Nicole, whether you need to connect with a loved one who has passed, or whether you just want to get a sense of how to move forward in your life.

Jessica McKay

Intuitive Counselor, JessicaMcKay.com

I love getting readings from Nicole.  She has given me insight and guidance when I’ve been confused.  Her readings provide clarity and often times confirmation of my own intuition.  Many times there are big A-HA moments in the cards – love that!!  You won’t be disappointed getting a reading from Nicole!

Jyll Hoyrup


I have been working with Nicole for almost a year now and I must say that she has been very helpful. Not only she was able to connect with my departed son, but she is also a very intuitive Tarot card reader. It is very important to understand that spirits are very vague and are not to be demanded regarding a very specific question. The Earth plane is extremely dense for the spirits, it takes a lot of energy from the spirit and the person channeling to do a reading…Also, spirit, do not have voice boxes, so they rely on a psychic’s ability to visualize. Nicole has all those assets, she is very respectful towards spirit and the client and there is always some good information coming through, a lot of good insight… I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is interested in getting to know the spirit world. I would suggest to meditate, relax and light a white candle for the best results & clear communication with departed loved ones and the guides.

Oksana Fore

Florida, USA

I was so impressed by your reading Nicole. You told me things about myself that you couldn’t have possibly known. By the time I got off the phone with you, I was a little spooked. I began to wonder if you had cameras hidden in my house! LOL I’ve already referred you to two of my friends. I hope they contact you! Good luck, and thanks again!

Jon LaFort

Tennessee, USA

I think your the “Cats Meow “ I have followed you for a few years now. Your personality is calming and I feel safe and resonate with your teachings and mostly you are at your followers level, no judgment just Love. I haven’t had the chance to purchase a reading yet but would feel comfortable with your words. You are adorable and bubbly and Honest. Keep up the good work!!

Lori S

Iowa, USA

Hi Nicole! When I found you on YouTube I resonated with you right away. I knew I had to get a reading from you. After our session, I felt the heavy burden on my shoulders completely lift! I can’t with express how amazed I was with how you quickly pointed out some of the things I’ve been dealing with in my life! My marriage was a failure and I’ve carried the blame of that for years (even though, as you pointed out, it wasn’t my fault)! I don’t know how to trust people anymore, however I’m going to try!  I’ve been crying out for peace & happiness; so thank you for your insight that gave peace today! Thank you!

Andrea G.

Gothenburg, Sweden

I LOVED THE READING!!!! I was very touched that you felt a kind of connection while doing my reading. Actually I was nodding all the way through. You were spot on about pretty much everything pertaining to my situation and how I approach life. Everything resonated and I felt quite empowered by the end of it. While the path I am treading may not be without its obstacles, I felt as though with time, patience and the right approach, everything could be conquered. What made your reading feel more genuine is that is was balanced, so neither too pink and fluffy, nor full of doom and gloom. Your advice was very sensible, too – you are remarkably wise and well-grounded, just the right sort of friend to have.

Lynne Hallett

Heslington, UK

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