Have you ever seen a psychic on television and thought to yourself, “I wish I could do that!” 

I have good news for you.


Everyone has psychic abilities, including you! The problem is that most people haven’t been taught how to use these abilities, and so they lie dormant, deep within your soul, just waiting to be discovered.

Learning to use your intuition is a skill, just like learning how to read, write or ride a bike. These are all skills that are taught to us when we are very young, so these abilities feel completely natural to us. But when you were young, who taught you to use your intuition? Not many people understand this truth, so we have been lead to believe that intuitive abilities are a ‘gift’ for the chosen few. That simply isn’t true. These abilities are a skill that are available to anyone who chooses to learn how to use them.

It is often used in combination with one or more of the other 4 clairs. Those clairs include…





While this course will focus largely on clairvoyance (otherwise known as ‘clear seeing’) we will discuss the other four clairs so that you can build a good, solid foundation with every single one of them. In addition, it will give you an idea of which clair is the strongest for you, and how you can combine it with the other clairs.



Here are a few things that you will learn in this
online course.

  • What CLAIRVOYANCE is . . . and isn’t.
  • The different ways you are already using clairvoyance, but may not be aware of it.
  • How clairvoyance can help you to gain insight to your past, present, future and the world around you.
  • Simple exercises and techniques that anyone can do to strengthen their clairvoyance.
  • How to use other intuitive gifts to enhance your clairvoyance.
  • How to figure out what your visions, dreams and symbols actually mean.
  • Ways to use clairvoyance to communicate with angels, guides, loved ones and others in the spirit world.

Are you ready to strengthen your clairvoyance?

Workshop Details

Date and Time: Whenever you want!

Length of class: Approximately 1.5 hours long

Location: Online. A PDF file with the course materials and links to the videos will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

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I’m positive that this course will help you to strengthen your clairs, and provide a strong foundation for your other intuitive skills and abilities. That’s why I’m backing it with a 30 day, money back, no-questions asked satisfaction guarantee. Just contact me with your order information within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll issue your refund.

There’s no hidden small print. If you are unsatisfied with with this course for any reason whatsoever, you will get a refund.


Nicole Guillaume is the founder of Guiding Echoes.

Her passion is to help others to discover their gifts so that they can lead a richly satisfying life. She is a world renowned reiki practitioner, angel communicator and tarot card reader. She has been featured in OmTimes Astrology and several other radio shows and publications. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for free weekly readings, and other informative, spiritual videos, and check out her Facebook page for interactive readings and inspiration.

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