Spiritual Maturity is something that is talked about mostly in Christian circles, but it’s still something that pops up in other religions from time to time.

The phrase “Spiritual Maturity,” conveys that a person has a wise understanding of spiritual things. This person may have a unique understanding of spiritual healing, mediumship, holy books, or any number of spiritual things.

There are a lot of myths regarding spiritual maturity, and this article will help to shed some light on the subject.

Myth 1: A person of great spiritual maturity doesn’t make many mistakes.

It’s not that a person of spiritual maturity doesn’t make mistakes, it’s that she learns from them. She admits to her mistake and takes the appropriate steps to correct it. If the mistake can not be corrected, she learns from it, and moves on.

There are a lot of deceitful ‘gurus’ out there who seem spiritually mature, but they do not fess up to their mistakes. They have highly destructive actions, yet they lie about them. They may talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. Sadly, it has become second nature for them to lie about who they are and what they do. They don’t learn from their mistakes because they do not admit to them.

Every person on the planet makes mistakes, and a truly spiritual person learns from them, rather than hides from them.

Myth 2: Spiritual maturity means that you have it all figured out.

God, The Universe, and everything in it is too large for anyone person to have it all figured out. A person of deep, spiritual understanding will know that it’s impossible to have it all figured out, and that’s why they are constantly searching, asking and growing.

If we were to ever get to a point where we understood everything, then we would stop growing. Growth is good for us, because it pushes us to the next level. It would take more than a million lifetimes for anyone other than God to have it all figured out.

Myth 3: When you’re spiritually mature, you have a closer connection to God

I think God disagrees with this because She or He is close to everyone. There are some people who have little spiritual understanding of anything who have very close relationships with God. They talk to Her all day long. They feel Him move within their spirits.

The sad truth is that there are some people who spend so much time searching for answers and reading spiritual books that their relationship with the All becomes strained.

Those who seek God will find Him. He is not found in the pages of a book or in the walls of the church. He can be found in the depths of your heart. Any person can have a closer connection to God. All they need to do is initiate it.

Myth 4: A person of great spiritual maturity spends all of his time in meditation or prayer.

Seclusion does not reveal spiritual maturity. Loving others does. Prayer and meditation are wonderful, but if you are spending all of your time in prayer and meditation, then you are not making a contribution to the world. Not even monks spend their whole lives in meditation. They clean, cook, garden, counsel those who are hurting and more.

Spiritually mature people know that we were created to help each other. They know that community is important, and everyone has some type of skill that they can contribute. The art of enhancing your spiritual maturity isn’t in spending days and nights in meditation and prayer for the rest of your life. It’s in talking to God through prayer and listening in meditation so that you can go out there and make a difference.

Those who are spiritual spend just as much time with people as they do with God, because they know that they were put on this earth to shine their light for others, and not to hide under the guise of being spiritual.



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