If you’ve never had a psychic mediumship reading before, you may wonder what it would be like to have one. Perhaps clips of John Edward or Theresa Caputo pop into your mind, and you think that such a reading would be wonderful.

But what you see on TV is different from what you see in real life. In a real-life mediumship reading, there can be vague messages, long awkward pauses, and messages that you don’t understand right away. All of this is normal.

In the video below, you will get a look at a real psychic mediumship reading with me, Nicole Guillaume and my client, Holly.

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Video Transcript:

Nicole: Have you ever had a mediumship reading before?

Holly: No, I mean I’ve had my cards read but not like a true mediumship reading, no.

Nicole: Okay. So, this is a 1st lesson.

Holly: Yeah, alright.

Nicole: So, to begin I just want you to get nice and relaxed and take a nice deep cleansing breath in and cleaning breath out. Can you just do that a couple more times and as you do if there’s anyone that you would like in particular to come forward just ask them to be a part of this session. And I can’t control who comes through, it’s just kind of putting the invitation out there to see who wants to respond to the call. So, it’s like calling someone on the phone – hey, can you talk. Okay so, as I’m tuning into you what I’m feeling   is an older lady I feel like this would   be a grandma and I feel like this is – I wanted to say your dad side but then I   felt like it was your mom, so let me just   tune in a little bit more; it’s starting   to feel like your mom’s side, so let me see – she’s acknowledging that she’s here she’s not really showing me anything yet   so I’m asking her for validation to   prove whether she wants to show   me how she crossed over or showed me something a memory that would   be significant to the two of you. Let me   just see what she shows, so I’m   seeing a couple things, it feel like towards the   end of her life like I do see that she was pretty old when she passed away and then also what I’m seeing is she would have been having a hard time  breathing I believe because she’s   showing me like oxygen in her nose and I don’t feel like this is something she had with her during  like the last few days of her life; this was I feel like there must have   been – not an accident but I feel like she was in the   hospital for a couple days and she would   have been hooked up to different   machines and one of them would have been   an oxygen mask. So, does that make sense to you?

Holly: It does for both sides.

Nicole: Okay, both sides. Sometimes what happens I’m wondering if this is the case is sometimes two spheres will come through   at once and because if I do have both   your grandma’s here which it might be   and they both die similarly and I’m getting mom and dad it’s possible that   I’m actually getting both of them but they’re both going to be showing me the   same image.

Holly: [inaudible] much older, so if it’s much much older than it’s my dad sides. 

Nicole: Okay, alright. So, that makes sense   because I was seeing both much older   like with the white hair, but I was also   seeing someone who was younger and it   looked like she had dark hair with some gray’s; so, I’m seeing two   different ages. So, both two of your grandmas are here then. And the grandma from your dad’s   side it’s like she’s showing me little   glimpses of her life and I feel like she   was the type of   person who got by with – I want to say almost just enough like I feel like her is pretty; simple I don’t feel   like she was someone who spent a lot of   money I needed to go over the top I feel   like it was pretty you know almost not   quite minimalist   but almost kind of close. So, I feel like she had a pretty simple life   and I feel like in some ways that was   fulfilling for her, but what’s   interesting is I also feel that she did   have a little bit of an emptiness to her and I think that’s something that people   could sense from her and it felt   like this would have been more towards   the end of her life when she was out   living her friends. And I want to say   even out living a relative that would   have been far younger than her and I can’t tell if this is one of her own kids or someone she loved as   much as her own child.

Holly: Maybe her daughter.

Nicole: Okay, alright. And so, I see that that really – it was hard for her to continue moving on after that – that was pretty hard, but she did it she managed, and I see   a lot of people looking at her and saying like you’re so strong and she’s thinking you have no idea how broken I   am inside. Okay, the other grandma seems a   little more boisterous because she’s   kind of waving her hands like okay my turn. And I feel like they’re polar   opposites so I feel like the only thing   they would have had in common was how   they passed, because your grandma from   your mom side is the younger one, right? Okay, from her I feel like she’s more   maybe high-maintenance isn’t a nice word but they feel like she’s more energetic – she’s just more more more more.

Holly: Louder?

Nicole: Yes, louder – but she’s fun, and I also feel like she had two   different sides to her, I feel like she   could very much be the life of the party   and I feel like she could also be very   introvertive where maybe if guys would   hear from her but wouldn’t see her for months, so it’s like she’d be very “I am here let’s have fun, and then alright I need my   space back off everyone.” That makes sense?   

Holly: Yeah, I actually never met her.

Nicole: Really?

Holly: Yeah, I never met her but it makes   sense.

Nicole: Okay. So, you’ve heard these stories?   

Holly: Yeah, and it makes sense given my mom’s personality.

Nicole: Okay. So, now you   know where she gets it from?

Holly: Yeah.

Nicole: Alright. Well, that makes sense because I don’t   feel like she had a whole lot to share   with you, I feel like your grandma from your dad’s side does though, and I   feel like she has a lot more prominent   and important things to share with you. But your mom’s grandma she’s   funny, but I feel like she was here just   to say – like she just wanted to say Hi basically, so she was you know she saw the opportunity to come through she took   it, and I’m not feeling any messages   from her but other than just like she   wants you to know that she’s around and she said to say hi to your mom.

Holly: Okay.

Nicole: Alright. So, moving back to your dad’s; your dad’s warm. She’s going back like she’s showing me   the final years of her life where   she was moving around really slow, her   independence was taken from her in a lot   of ways because she   couldn’t do normal tasks anymore. And so, what   she’s showing me though is when it comes   to you   she’s very proud of you, she is showing   me that she is giving you – oh no, ok let   me back up. When you were a little girl you loved to pick flowers for her. Do you   remember this?

Holly: Yeah, of course. 

Nicole: Yeah, and I also see   that you had – it looks like an aunt and some other, I think mostly aunt probably   your mom, so I see you like picking   flowers and it looks like a family   dinner where you’re going in and you’re   giving everyone flowers, but it looks   like you would give her the most, you know you do used to fill the most of her flowers. And I feel like this was almost   like a little tradition you have you had   with her picked flowers and go go give them to her. I don’t know if she ever   told you about this but one time you   picked some flowers in her – I want to say   her front yard maybe it was her backyard   that were kind of expensive and so you handed it to her and she was like oh thank you [unclear] she was like oh my god. So, that might have been this something she   took with her to the grave but she loved it that you were   always doing that for her so she does remember that. And then also I see her passing about her   beautiful flowers too, I mean that was   something that you also did for her. And I also see that you guys kept – I want to say a close relationship, I don’t think that you guys like talked every   day or anything like that but it feels more like – it’s like you guys could talk like you were best friends like you talk on the phone wouldn’t hear from each   other for a while and then when you   picked up it’s like there was   still that bond, you know, so almost a best friends type of, you know, energy is what I’m getting from that. I   know that she has a message but I want to make sure I’m getting   it right, so aside from the impressions   I’m trying to see what physical things – Oh your cat is so cute, he’s like I want to be a part of it.

Holly: [inaudible].

Nicole: I’ve got mine too; so far, he’s behaving I’m just waiting for him any minute to pop up.

Holly: [Go, by the way, bye-bye].

Nicole: Who’s there is little [therapy] cat like I think he needs   some loving mom. Your grandma was allergic to cats. Do you know?

Holly: I don’t know but would make sense, they never had any pets. 

Nicole: Because I was going to say like I was kind of, because after the cat she’s like I’m allergic and she kind of takes a step back, like you’re not allergic anymore? What she is showing me is you used to talk to her a lot after her passing and feel like it’s not as much anymore. And there was something that happened – I  want to say recently, I don’t know how recent but it seemed like you kind of started to lose your faith in a lot of things. What I’m feeling is just this really brokenness and I feel like there were some very prominent   people in your life or in particular who   really let you down and this affected your view of other people, but I also see you just like crying out to God and really doesn’t anybody love me. And so, I’m really glad that this   opportunity came forward for you today and that you’re responding because your grandma showed up and she absolutely loves you and she’s sharing some of the most precious memories that she has of   you, and then you have your grandma that   you said you never met, she’s like I couldn’t wait to meet her. But what your grandma on your   dad’s side is showing me is that she has   been in your shoes in different circumstances but still that broken heartedness and also the – I want to say the confusion because there’s this   mixture of wanting to withdrawal wanting   to take a step back from nearly   everybody but then also wanting to put   your first best foot forward and saying   I’m not going to let this stop me, you know.  And I also feel like you’re confused on who you can   trust right now and I feel like this – and it may have had nothing to do with your family but you’re still kind of   looking at them a little distrusting too like I don’t know who I can give my   heart to and not have it be crushed. And   so right now, what your grandma is showing me is – you know, I see her coming  behind you, kind of like doing this to   you like she’s kind of you know and   she’s saying if I could fix your broken   heart I would and she’s saying sometimes it’s up to us to   fix ourselves and she’s also saying to   you that what happened was completely   unfair, you know, you didn’t deserve it. I don’t feel like you put a   lot of blame on yourself but I do see   that you look at this situation and you   are asking like again what did I do to deserve this? you know, why? And your grandma’s like sometimes people   just suck and it has nothing to do with   you.   she’s also showing me that this came at a bad time because it seemed like 2-weeks prior to that there was another   thing that was frustrating for you, and I want to say this is maybe   career based, I’m not entirely sure but   it seems like there was something else   shortly before that – a surprise I would say, a bad one. So, it’s been this string of   bad luck. In the image that I’m seeing that I keep seeing is from your   grandma is like all of this – I want to   say ash and rubble on her hand   and it’s like she’s doing this and she’s   trying to smooth it you know and she’s   trying to help you put that heart back   together and she’s just really working   on that energy for you.

Holly: So, she was [Reiki 2 or 3] [certified of] she had really powerful energy and the presence that you described as who she was just very strong but very gentle and   soft and kind. But I never really   understood Reiki or any of the path until fairly recently, so that’s part of the   path that I’m on so it’s  interesting to hear her said to heal   yourself, and you know I keep trying to   work on myself and fix myself and I’ve   been using [inaudible] angels, I’m really   trying to connect with them and I’m   trying to find love and I’m well, which   angel is for that? but really I’m not   really reaching out to the healing that   I need first before any of that happens, and though I feel like she was [alluding] to that as well.

Nicole: Yeah. Well, especially with – now, this makes a whole lot sense to me because like I said it’s rumbling   ash and it’s like she’s literally trying to put your heart back   together and she’s sending all this   energy to it. I also think it might even   be a good visual exercise for you that   she’s sharing it’s visualize your heart   in pieces and I know it’s out of fun   visualization, but just imagine like if you were to take your heart or visual   representation what would it looks like right now and just start imagine it’s in   your hand and you can send it that energy you know using the [manicure] or whatever. I asked her do you have anything else to say? And she’s like I   just want her to know that I love her   very much, and one of the thing is you should know that I’m feeling from her   like she hasn’t said this but one of the  things that I’m feeling from her is I   feel it she has great admiration and   respect for you, you know I feel like she – you know, in the way that you looked   up to her I feel like in a lot of way   she looked up to you too. And I think   that you are a very intelligent woman   and I strongly feel like that   started to show up in you at a very   young age, and I think that the way that   you conducted yourself as a teenager and a woman in her young 20s was outstanding. So, what did you think of your 1st mediumship reading?

Holly: That was great, it was really special.

Nicole: Good.

Holly: There’s something very [inaudible] about being able to connect with the other side and just, you know. I know that with me and then other people are probably with me too but just   having that confirmation is comforting, nice.

Nicole: Yeah, but she was definitely the one that wanted to connect with you the strongest because she made her presence known. Awesome great.

Holly: I like that you were able to interpret what she was not necessarily fully saying but you just were able to have the intuition to know what she’s trying to say and that when you did that it did make sense to me, so that was grateful.

Nicole: Good, awesome.