Two of the most common questions that people ask me is,

“What is the name of my spirit guide?”

“What is the name of my guardian angel?”

These questions can be challenging to answer. For starters, most people have multiple guides and angels. I’ve never met anyone who had only one guide or angel. So when people ask me this question, I have to ask “Which angel or guide do you want a name to?” They’ll often respond by saying “All of them.”

I can’t say that I blame them. After all, isn’t it only natural to want to know who you are talking to?

Why is it so difficult to get the name of my angel or spirit guide?

Angels and spirit guides are supposed to be expert communicators, so why is it so hard to get a freakin’ name out of them? You would think that the beings in charge with offering your assistance, guidance, protection and counseling would at least tell you their name….so why don’t they?

Those are great questions, and like most spiritual matters, there are many different layers associated with the answers.

First of all, your guides and angels do not speak the same language that you do. They do not speak English, German, Spanish, Russian, Gaelic, or any other earthly language. They have their own language that is universal in the spirit world. When they speak to us, it is our own intuition that translates that message into a language that we can understand. That said, they can not easily give us a name because we wouldn’t be able to understand it or pronounce it since we do not speak their language.

They don’t have names. On the other side, names and labels aren’t as important as they are here. On the spiritual plane, if you want to communicate with someone, you just think about them and send them whatever thought is on your mind.

Sounds and words have deeper meanings than they do here. A guide or angel will not rush to give you a name because all words and sounds have a variety of vibrations and frequencies, all of which are important to the spirit world.

Should my guides and angels remain nameless?

Our minds were created to label and compartmentalize everything so that we can keep our thoughts and ideas organized. Although labels are largely frowned upon, they do help us to recognize what someone stands for.

For example, if someone identifies themselves as an accountant, you know that they work with finances. If someone claims to be a Mormon, you will have an idea of what his spiritual beliefs are.

Labels aren’t bad. They can be very helpful in many ways. That said, it’s completely natural to want to get the label (name) of your angels and guides, because labels help us to identify which angel or guide we’d like to connect to. There’s no reason to feel bad for requiring a name, since that is how our brains and minds have been designed.

Three ways to get a name for your guides and angels.

Have you ever asked your guides or angels for help with something, and noticed that the answer, advice or solution came to you days, weeks or even months later? It’s not uncommon to experience the same time frame when you ask your guides and angels for their name. Whenever you make a request of the spirit world, it’s important to remain patient for the answer or solution. Keep the faith, and know that they will answer you in due time.

If you’ve asked for a name and haven’t gotten an answer, here are two different methods that you can try.

Ask for a symbol or sign.  I once had a fun experience when a client asked me for the name of his guardian angel. I closed my eyes, focused and concentrated on getting a name from his angel. Almost instantly, I saw a pair of ballet shoes in me mind. I opened my eyes and told my client, “This may sound silly, but the name of your angel is Ballet.”

He laughed and said “I asked my angel for her name two weeks ago, and for the past two weeks, I’ve been hearing commercials for the local ballet on the radio, and my friends would talk to me about the ballet.”

His angel was giving him plenty of signs to indicate that her name was Ballet, but he wasn’t able to put the pieces together until I saw the vision of the ballet shoes in my mind.

The names of our angels and guides can seem silly sometimes, but they often do the best they can to communicate a name that is closest to their vibration or symbol. If your angel or guide hasn’t given you a name, close your eyes and see if you receive a symbol. If you don’t get one, pay attention to your surroundings for the next few weeks. Try to notice if any patterns, words or topics that are out of the ordinary begin to repeat themselves, like it did for my client and Ballet.

Assign a name to your guides and angels. If you absolutely can not get a name from your guides and angels, then you can assign a name to them. I have found that guides and angels are okay with this, because they know that having a name assigned to them is helpful to you, and can help you to enhance your relationship with them.

I’m sure this goes without saying, but you want to be sure that the names are respectful and somehow resonate with you. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your angel or guide will like the name you’ve chosen for them, then simply ask if they like the name, or if they would prefer it if you called them something else.

Wait for the audible names. Sometimes, the names will come to you when you least expect it and when you’re no longer focused on them. A few months ago, the names of three of my angels came to me completely out of the blue. I was sitting down at my computer and responding to an email, when the names “Matthew, Logos and Ella” jumped in my head. I instantly wrote them down, and I instinctively knew that these were the names of my angels. Matthew was the one I worked with the most. Logos feels like an older archaic angel (I call him the keeper of secrets, as he holds the key to long lost, forgotten esoteric knowledge), and Ella is a fun, playful, nurturing, friendly angel. I guess many would call her my Joy angel.

I hope that this article has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or insight that you’d like to add regarding this topic, please put it in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.