Your inner child is that part of you that never entirely grew up. Your inner child still has child-like fears and insecurities, and it also has child-like faith, innocence and dreams.

The mere term ‘inner-child’ has gotten a bad rap because it sounds so woo-woo, doesn’t it? But it is a good term for acknowledging the child like qualities that are still alive within you.

Embracing your inner child and giving him or her a voice is very healing, because your inner child may still believe that it’s not aloud to have a voice.


Think about your life when you were a child. What fears were placed upon you during that time?

Did you have abusive parents? Were you too scared to stand up to them? You may not have had other adults to stand up for you when you were a child, but you are an adult now. You can stand up for yourself, and for that sad, fearful child who didn’t have a voice so many years ago. 

What games or activities did you enjoy when you were a child? Did you like playing tag? Did you like coloring? What about hopscotch or jump rope?

If you were to pick up a coloring book and a box of crayons, I think you would be surprised to learn that you still like to color, and you still like to draw. I think you would find that coloring is still a very relaxing, and almost therapeutic activity for you.

See, your inner child may still have some wounds, but she still has some dreams too.

Focus on your inner child today and ask her what she needs from you. Maybe she needs you to write a letter to someone she misses. Maybe she wants you to reconnect with an old childhood friend. Maybe she needs your permission to do something, or forgiveness for something that she hasn’t gotten over yet.

Your inner child has so much wisdom, and so many beautiful lessons to share with you. It would be a shame to keep her hidden in the corner as if she was in a time-out for all eternity.

So embrace you inner child. See what she has to say. I think her wisdom will surprise you.

Have you been working with your inner child? What advice would you give to people who are new to reconnecting to this innocent part of themselves? Place your answers, comments, questions and suggestions in the comment area down below. I would love to hear from you!



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