Dreams. They have mystified scientists for years. Though we know what portion of the brain creates our dreams, we aren’t really sure where they come from. Are our dreams influenced by a mixture or brain synapses and chemicals? Or are the messages from our subconscious or higher power?

There is no doubt that the practice of dream analysis is as old as time itself. The best way for you to analyze your dreams is to keep a dream journal.

Choosing the right format

When it comes to writing out your dream, you will want to use a format that is comfortable for you. You may decide to purchase a journal and hand write each of your dreams, or you may prefer to sign up for an online blog and post your dreams there. Because dreams sometimes require a whole lot of writing, you may want to go with the method that you are fastest at. If you are a fast hand writer, then writing down your dreams is probably a better choice. However, if your faster at typing, than an online blog may be a good option for you.

I personally prefer a blog because a blog allows me to easily categorize my dreams. If I need to look for a dream, I can type keywords into the search engine on my blog, and it will help me to find it quickly.

If you decide to use a blog for your dreams, then you may want to consider making it private. Dreams can be very personal and it can be upsetting when people leave negative comments about your dream entry.

Be Detailed

journalWhen logging your dreams, you will want to be as detailed as possible. Depending on your dream, this can be a bit of a challenge. In cases in which there is too much detail to write down, then be sure to jot down what you felt was the most important. Write down whatever it was that stuck in your mind the most.

If the dog was blue, write that down. If your house was flying, mention it. If you were juggling caterpillars on top of a moving vehicle while driving on a freeway on Mars, write that down too. Absolutely everything that you can recall should be written down.

Look for common or reoccurring themes

Almost everyone will experience a common or reoccurring theme in their dreams at some point in time. Some people will frequently dream about zombies while others dream of their teeth falling out. If you find that your dreams have a reoccurring theme, the worst thing you can do is ignore it.

Dreams that repeat themselves are extremely important as they are trying to send you a message. They may be giving you a solution to a problem you’ve been having or telling you that you need to deal with a problem that you’ve been hiding under the rug.

Do you have a dream that’s been reoccurring? Or have you ever woken up knowing that your dream was trying to tell you something but you didn’t know what?

Then you may want to consider ordering a dream interpretation. If you’re interested, you can order one here. I’ve been interpreting dreams since I was a child, and this is one of my divine gifts. Your angels and guides want to communicate with you, but sometimes, they talk in code and they also talk in dreams. Fortunately for you, I have a pretty good rapport with both, and I am ready to find the hidden messages in your dream.

Dream interpretations can cost hundreds of dollars, but I charge only $15* per dream.

Order yours today!

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* $15 price is for email delivery of dream interpretation. Live dream interpretations done by phone are $25 and usually last about 30 minutes.








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