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Nicole: Hey everyone, I’m Nicole Guillaume with Guiding Echoes, the channel that is devoted to your spiritual and personal growth. And if you are a parent who has experienced the loss of a child, then you know how devastating that can be. And you may find yourself wondering how are you going to move on from this point? Now I can’t answer that for you, but I have a friend who can. A very dear friend of mine by the name of Oksana Fore recently lost her child to a long battle with cancer. And I have been inspired by her story and I asked her to come share her story with you. So for those watching, this is their first time having met you and there are a lot of people who come to me and they’ve lost their loved ones and I think the hardest readings are from people who have lost their children. And um, you know, I’ve been really inspired by your courage and your strength in getting through the loss of your child. So I wanted to talk to you today and introduce you to the people on my channel because I know that they’ll be touched by your story too and I know that you can help them as well. Tell us about your son Alek.

Oksana: My son Alek was a very quiet and very good boy. And uh, he loved animals and he was a good listener, and generally, he was a very good child. He behaved well, everybody was pleased with him. He was very pleasant, polite and for most of the time, he stayed out of trouble. Last year he was diagnosed with Carcinoma, its an NUT Carcinoma. It’s a very rare aggressive type of cancer. He had to go to all these treatments and they couldn’t figure out what it was at first, but then once they figured it out, they discovered it was a very rare case. About 60 cases worldwide, from what I understood. Very rare. Genetic cancer. So, it was devastating. But, he didn’t have much time. And he just graduated from middle school. He was about to go to high school. And doctors pretty much told him that he needs to do all these treatments and there was no cure. But they could try chemotherapy and radiation and we tried alternative things too. Body aid fusions and things like that. But nothing really helped. And um, he died this year. No, last year on my birthday. This year has been a year anniversary since he passed, so it was very, very hard to accept. But I had an idea of what was going to happen to him, because of my beliefs and my experience with my mother when she passed two years prior to that incident. And she’s been trying to communicate with me, so I started learning about spirituality, what happens, you know, after death. Alek and I talked a lot about it and he said that he wasn’t scared. And when I had to sign the DNR, if anybody doesn’t know what it is, Do Not Resuscitate order. They said that, well I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said ‘mom, if they can’t fix me then just let me die.’ And that was very hard for me to hear from my own child but we understood how much he suffered. So, I would have to sign it. It was the hardest thing to accept. And since then, the only thing I can do is just accept it and live with the pain and try to work through the pain. And so far, I think I’m doing good. I didn’t have to go to anybody or talk to anybody. I just focused on things that help me with my goals. You know, I always had goals, I always had something to do, I’m a very busy person. And that’s what basically kept me going. So even though I knew that the pain is there, and it’s accepted, and the only thing I can do is just carry. I have a choice of figuring out how to carry it better. So there is a choice, and I think that’s very important to understand. You can’t just give up. You have to keep going. (inaudible)

Nicole: So a lot of times people question, um, question if there is life, I like to call it life after life. You know, but for them it’s life after death, and Alek has been really great at showing you that he’s still near you and he still exists. So I was wondering if you could share maybe a couple of um, a couple of things that he’s done, whether it’s been through a medium or synchronicity or a sign he sent you, what has he done to show you that he’s still around?

Oksana: The first thing I saw when he crossed over that there was a, there was a ladybug on his dead body. And uh, that was a sign from uh, I think my guides or other ancestors just to let me know that he was okay. That he was taken care of. So I felt immediate relief. That was the first thing that I noticed and then I said, I had a lot of vivid dreams where Alek was showing me like where he was. You know, he was in some garden and then he was in some kind of computer game. He loved computer games. And uh, and I saw buildings and inventions, and just lots of cool stuff. You know, he was, he loves putting things together, and uh, that’s just one of the things that he introduced me to, and then I noticed I had many, you know, many incidences when I would see like a butterfly that reminds me of him. Um, a special butterfly we used to share. And then just a flower that I see that reminds me of him. Or any like, uh signs from nature you can just tell and you, you, you feel the presence and you can feel that he’s around. It’s hard to explain but it’s like he’s…there’s always a reminder that he’s around. And that’s how I know that he’s still with me. It’s like a confirmation you get, and you get the goosebumps like you do get that sign. So, I think it’s one of those things that helps me to remember him and definitely feel his presence in that moment.

Nicole: And you’ve also worked with, I mean you’ve worked with me for a while now and I know there’s a couple other mediums too that you’ve reached out to, and they’ve all been able to tune into something that he’s said or a memory he wants to share. I remember one time, rather recently, when you and I were talking during a reading, you asked me if he remembered the boat party and you asked me “What’s the boat party?” And I remember tuning in and seeing a bathtub, and I saw a little boy in there, and I saw toys. And I remember mentioning this to you and you’re like “That’s it! That’s the boat party!”

Oksana: Yes, yes, yes, I wanted to actually mention that. I was very impressed with that because besides you, I talk to a couple of other mediums. So I always try to just try to make sure that the information that’s coming through is not just my imagination. It’s actually coming through, so other mediums do confirm certain things that we share, like what you’ve shared with me. And I always check back and forth just to make sure that this is it. I get sometimes, um sort of thoughts like messages, you know? They’re from him. Like he’s talking to me. Like “Mom, come on! Don’t do that.” or “Mom one more set.” if I’m at the gym. You know, you can just tell. He’s like “Oh mom, don’t eat this. You know it’s junk.” You know, you can just tell that he’s guiding me. So, he’s just that same ol’ Alek like he was when he was here. So it’s just in a different form. And I know that gives me a lot of comfort, knowing that he’s around.

Nicole: Yeah. Oh, I’m sure. So what are some things that people can do if they’ve lost a loved one and they’re wanting to connect with them on the other side. What advice would you give to them so that they can make that connection directly?

Oksana: Learn to meditate.  I find it very very helpful. It’s like, if you want to communicate with a loved one, you want to really feel their presence. Visualize what they look like. So you kind of have to meet them halfway. You have to relax and breathe, and it’s gonna take you there when you can get comfortable enough to to see that it’s not the end when they die. It’s hard to explain. You just really have to feel it. We don’t really learn unless we feel things. It’s like somebody gives me advice and says ‘You need to do this, you need to do this.” And I just, I don’t listen. I go ahead and just whatever, make that mistake. But when I really feel like a mistake was made, that’s when I really learned. So that’s how you can really feel, you know, you can feel things through, and that’s how you really understand what is going on. And you’re like ‘Yes, I get it now.’ You have to experience it. So meditation is really, really important. I start meditating, and I feel a lot better. I get a lot, a lot of guidance from Alek. He’s kinda like my guide. And he’s looking out for me as well.

Nicole: Yeah. It’s been really interesting since you and I first started talking to feel his transition too.

Oksana: Mmhmm

Nicole: Cause it’s like in the beginning, we saw that he was doing all this work in the afterlife, and then he realized there’s no rush. Like he realized how time works on the other side and so he didn’t have to rush so much so now, it’s like I can feel him with you all the time. I remember when I think it was, not this last reading but the one before that I said that to you. I said I feel like he’s around you more, and you confirmed it by saying “Yeah, I feel that too.” You know, so um, but there’s a, but what is it that you tell people? Cause I can’t remember the term you use. You say that you have a son but he…you have a term for him.

Oksana: Disembodied.

Nicole: Is that what you say?

Oksana: I have a son but he doesn’t have a body.

Nicole: Okay.

Oksana: I know it sounds really silly and people are like, “Oh I’m sorry.” But you know, it really, it’s just the most…it’s hard to make sense out of it. But you really just have to feel it to understand it. Cause trying to explain it to people that don’t understand it or never felt it, you have to feel it to understand it. It’s just like love. How do you explain love?

Nicole: Right

Oksana: You can’t really explain love, you know? But you have to feel it to understand it. And that’s just how I would describe that feeling.

Nicole: I think one of the other things that I’ve also noticed with you is, well you’re obviously able to spend more time with him now, and the other thing that I’ve noticed to and what I believe gives you your strength is you continue in life without Alek is that you do so many things in his memory. And I feel like that’s where a lot of people um, I wanna say it’s where they go wrong because it’s like, once they feel like their loved one is gone, they almost feel like they have to ignore them or I don’t quite know what it is, but there’s that disconnect that they have. And they feel this, this deep grief because they don’t want to leave someone behind and keep going. And you’ve done a fantastic job of saying “Well, he’s still with me and I’m still living my life.” But you’ve also taken vacations in his honor. I know that you’ve done things for his birthday too. And um, I think those are things that bring a lot of comfort to both of you. Because he knows he hasn’t been forgotten, and he’s still part of the family. And then it makes you feel good to know that he’s, you know, he’s near you and you’re still doing something nice for him. So you guys have really found a way to continue that loving relationship, once he’s crossed over.

Oksana: And I wanted to give it to him while he was here. And I wanted to give him all the love but you know, you have to, as humans we have to work and fortunately we get very busy, but um, on a spiritual level its of course a lot easier but it is still an effort. You really need to just meditate, and work on yourself and do a lot of personal growth, and a lot of improvements to your life, to live a more healthier, vital life. As you know, I started working out. I have goals. I went back to school and things like that so just, you have to keep going and pushing through. Those are good habits I think Alek really approves of. He’s like “Yes mom! You can do it! Come on, you can do it.” So like, I had to get up at four in the morning today and uh, I know he was there. He was like “Do your work. Do your school work.” And I’ll be up, doing my school work. It’s just because it needs to be done. And it’s something that keeps me going, keeps me busy, and it improves my quality of life. So he’s very proud on the other side. And I feel his little spirit has just so much joy. I know he’s there, and uh, he makes it a lot more comfortable just to know that.

Nicole: What advice would you give to parents who still have their children with them, but know that they’re sick. They know that the chances of their child passing over is a good one. When you’re a parent it doesn’t matter how old you’re kid is. Your kid is your kid. You know, so um, you know it’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes parents go through that. So what would you say to those people who are experiencing that grief before their child has passed? What can they do to prepare for this?

Oksana: You really just need to trust the Universe because the Universe is on your side. So you have to look at the bigger picture. Because it’s going to happen whether…whatever happens it’s going to be for everyone’s highest good. So you really have to believe that. Because it all is connected. It’s almost like everything was just perfectly orchestrated even though it was such a horrible transition that was happening to my son. But I felt like everything was just falling in place at the same time. Its like…it’s hard to explain. Mathematically it just all came together like a big puzzle. So you just have to trust God. And whatever God decides um, just trust and understand that it’s for the best, for everyone’s best. Even though it’s horrible. It’s not necessarily a pleasant thing, but you have to keep in mind that it’s a transition. Separation from the child is only temporary. Nobody stays here.

Nicole: That’s true. That’s true.

Oksana: So we’re all gonna be together  soon. So just keep that in mind, and while you’re here, make the most of life. Enjoy it. Serve your purpose. Once it’s your time to go, your child will be right there waiting for you.

Nicole: Yeah

Oksana: You will never be alone when you’re passing. There’s nothing scary about that.

Nicole: What was it that Alek was telling you when he was about to make his transition? Cause he kind of, you told me he kinda already saw how that was going to happen.

Oksana: He was seeing, he was seeing I believe ancestors. People that crossed over from my family, from his father’s family. He was constantly talking to somebody back and forth and what I was told was that people were coming over and kind of like giving him preparation. They would surround him and were like “Okay, it’s your time. You know, you have to get ready.” And he was just kind of talking back to them. Like ‘Who are you talking to?’ And, and I saw him talking to somebody, right? And he’s…you can’t see who’s in that hospital room. But he’s like going “You’re just like my mom!” And I knew he was talking to my mom. It’s like, seriously! Like, I don’t know what she was saying to him but he was definitely, you could just tell that, he’s communicating with somebody. And somebody was on the other side waiting for him. Basically doing some transition work with him.

Nicole: Yeah.

Oksana: I felt comfort knowing that someone’s there that’s going to greet him. Is gonna show him where to go, what he needs to do, how to cross over. So, (sigh) it’s really hard to talk about it cause it only makes sense on a level when you can feel it. It’s hard to make logical sense out of this, and you can’t really, unless you feel it.

Nicole: Right, well I feel like he’s very proud of you for talking about it and I feel like he’s coming forward and…

Oksana: It was hard for me to talk about it. Believe me.

Nicole: Yeah.

Oksana: But it’s doable, and as a parent, I can not give up. I have to go on. I have to, I have to reach things that and do things that I have a purpose for. I need to do that. I need to get it done. I’m not done yet.

Nicole: Yeah.

Oksana: His mission was done and I have to accept it. Because that was between him and God. I can’t interfere with that. So you know, I was also told it was a soul contract. He volunteered to be my son. I volunteered to be his mother, for the purpose of highest good. For the purpose of learning my lesson. For the purpose of learning compassion, forgiveness, acceptance. Whole lessons that we’re here to learn. Earth is a school.

Nicole: So once again, I want to thank both Oksana and Alek for sharing their story with us, because I’m sure Alek was here during the recording of this video. If you are a parent who has lost their child, and you have found some different coping strategies that have helped you to move through that grief, please put that in the comment section down below. There are people who are in your shoes who can use that same guidance and by opening this up to that conversation, I know that we can heal a lot of hearts. If this is one of your first time watching one of my videos, I would like to welcome you to the Guiding Echoes community, and I’d also like to invite you to subscribe to this channel. Here on this channel, we like to talk about spiritual things such as the afterlife, consciousness, and things of that nature. So if that’s something you’re interested in, please hit that subscribe button and also remember to hit that bell icon so that you can be notified when I release new videos in the future. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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