The Higher Self is your full potential. It’s everything that you are and everything that you are capable of being. Your Higher Self operates at a higher level of understanding than we do. It’s purpose is to bring us enlightenment, insight and to direct us. It also aides us in the function of operating at a higher vibration.

The Higher Self knows that we have already accomplished all that we are reaching for. It is a part of our soul that exists outside of space and time. It is the voice inside of us, our intuition and consciousness that tells us when a deal is bad or when something doesn’t smell right. It warns us of deceitful friends and helps us to attract honest ones.

It will never push it’s agenda on you, because it knows that every decision you make in life must be your choice. While the Higher Self is a part of you, it is not wholly you. Just as a diamond has different facets and sides, each of us have many different facets to who and what we are on a soul level.

This Higher Self has many sides, and while it is indeed connected to your awareness and consciousness, it is not God though there are many out there who believe that it is. It is joined with God but it is not God.

All spirits, all souls possess a Higher Self. Some choose to embrace it while others spend their entire lives denying it and running away from it. Usually, when a person sheds their body on earth, it is easier for them to adapt to the next realm if they have embraced their Higher Self while they were here. If they spent much of their life catering to the Ego, and listening to their doubts, fears and following their own selfish desires, then they may have a harder time functioning in the next realm.

Every soul, of every realm, has the ability to connect to their own Higher Self, but it has to be their own decision. Nobody can force this decision or this unity upon them. This is why some mediums have a hard time connecting with those who have crossed over. These spirits are still being lead and blinded by their egos, and because their vibration operates at a lower level, the psychic or medium has a hard time deciphering the message.

If you are a psychic medium, and you have experienced this phenomena (of not being able to hear or contact a spirit clearly), tell them that they need to raise their own vibrations so that you can better understand them. There is a magnificent team of angels and teachers on the ethereal that is capable of counseling such spirits to show them how to embrace their Higher Self to raise their vibration.

How To Connect With Your Own Higher Self 

Imagine that there is a soul standing right in front of you. This is a reflection of your soul and it is extremely bright. It is pure light, and you may even see different colors dancing around within it and around it. While holding the feel of having this soul in front of you, think of everything that you would like to accomplish in this life. Think of the different ways that you can serve others. Think of the things that make you feel vibrant and alive.

Now place all of these ideas into that being of light, for this being is your Higher Self.

You can talk to your Higher Self and ask it for direction on your life path. You can ask it for suggestions and understanding. You can ask it what your life purpose is.

There are no questions that are off limits. You can ask anything you want. If your Higher Self does not know, or can not reveal the answer to you, then ask it to connect you with a being of light that can help.

When you are done, walk into this being of light and feel it merge with you. Feel it connecting with you at your deepest level. You can feel it raising the vibration of every cell and every atom in your body. You may feel as if you are weightless, and you will feel the burdens of your world roll off of your shoulders.

These burdens were placed there by the ego, which tried to hold you down with doubts, worries and fears.

Whenever you feel lost or scared, you can connect with this Higher Self. You can connect with God, your Guardian Angels and your Spirit Guides too. Each of them are here to help you with your life purpose and they will all have different ways of directing you.