What if there was something you could use to add an extra boost to your prayers, meditations or visualizations for more money? Would you want to try it?

My friend Adreyauna, owner of Ink To Prosperity, has created a Signature Oil that allows you to put the power of creation in your hands. All of us are creators, and sometimes, we need a little extra boost to help us manifest our dreams.

Maybe your dream revolves around starting your own business, getting a bonus or raise at work, maybe you want to find a way to receive residual income so that you can live a life of luxury while those checks come pouring in. If you do your part, the prosperity oil will meet you halfway.

In this video, she will show you 5 different ways to use prosperity oils to bring abundance, joy and prosperity into your life.

You can follow Adreyauna on Instagram at Instagram.com/InkToProsperity and check out her shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/InktoProsperity.

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