Sometimes, we choose to keep information from our loved ones for fear of hurting them. But what happens when they cross over? Is the cat out of the bag? Do they automatically know all of our secrets, including the ones that revolved around them?


Hey everyone! I’m Nicole Guillaume with Guiding Echoes. The channel that is devoted to your spiritual and personal growth. And in today’s video, I am answering a viewer’s question. And this question was sent in to me by Rebecca and she asks,

“The person who passes, once they are gone…can they see what a hard situation we have been going through that we never made a mention of when they were alive?”

Rebecca, that is a wonderful question and it actually comes up a lot with my clients. So, let’s start with this. When spirit crosses over, they do not automatically know everything. So, whatever information may have been withheld from this person is not something that would come into their awareness once they cross over.

However, what usually happens is when someone we love passes away, their spirit will linger with us, because they want to be sure that we’re safe. They want to watch over us, and they want to give us signs that they still exist. So you know that feeling you get when someone’s passed away but you can feel their presence in the room? That happens frequently. Because our loved ones aren’t ready to leave us yet. Especially when we’re in a state of brokenness and grief, and panic and all of those emotions that come when someone we love dies. When someone we love passes away. So they go through their own grieving process with us. And they usually don’t allow themselves to cross over completely until they’ve spent some time with us and they know that we know they still exist. You know, so they’ve sent us signs and they’ve done what they can.

So while that is happening. usually what happens in the interim, is that family members and friends will begin talking about the situation they were withholding from the person who passed away. Or they begin thinking about it. So when you think about spirit, when you think about a specific loved one on the other side, that really acts as a transmission that gets their attention. Because when spirit crosses over, when someone lives in the spirit world or when spirit resides in the spirit world, they are pure energy. They’re pure energy, and so what happens is that they become telepathic, but they become very intuned to specific vibrations, to specific energies, specifically the ones that resonates with their energy signature, and everybody has one.

When you start to think about your grandma on the other side, your grandma on the other side picks up that signal, and she’ll come check in on you. She’ll come see what you’re up to. She might talk to you. You know they have different things that they, Spirit has different things that they’ll do when they pick up on that signal. So they become telepathic, and when you think about the situation, they are able to read into that. And of course, if they happen to be in the same room as you and you are discussing this matter that you didn’t tell them about. And you’re discussing this with friends and family members, they hear you. They hear you very, very well. So you know how we sometimes have an issue with not being able to hear spirit very clearly? That problem doesn’t exist for them. They hear better than we do. At least, that’s been my understanding.

So while they do not have an automatic knowing of what it is that you were withholding from them, they do tend to find out about it, simply because we think about it. It makes sense we would think about it. Or we end up discussing it with friends and family. And usually what happens at that point is because our loved one has already crossed over, whatever it was that we were withholding from them, there’s nothing they can do about it now. So usually, they…well…I want to say usually they’re okay with it but as I was about to say that I was reminded of two instances where I was working with two separate clients and the people they wanted to talk to on the other side were actually quite annoyed that specific information had been withheld from them. But, that’s like two beings, two spirits out of how many readings I’ve done? So anyhow usually they don’t harbor any bad feelings about it. They’re usually okay with it and the stance that they take on it is more or less like “Well, you guys have to figure this out now. Like, well it’s not up to me. There’s nothing I can do.” However, if during a psychic reading with them or if you are very in tuned with pendulums or tarot cards or some form of divination, and you want to ask them for advice on something you were withholding from them, maybe its coming to light now, you can of course get information from them. They will talk to you about it.

So uh, yeah, so usually they do end up in the know, they do find out, but its not because they were in the spirit world. It’s because people are literally talking about it right in front of them. So its hard for them not to know about this secret information that you were withholding. So I hope that answers your question. I know I kind of fumbled over my words a few times but I hope, I hope I got my point across. If not, tell me. Put your questions and your comments in the comment section down below.

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