A spiritual awakening, which is sometimes referred to as a psychic awakening, is an event that happens on a soul level. When your spirit begins to expand, it’s a signal that you are ready to build a relationship with the REAL you, otherwise known as your Higher Self or Higher Consciousness.

When this happens, you will begin to experience some interesting symptoms. Some of them can be uncomfortable (headache, fatigue, loss of sleep) and others can be fascinating (increased clairvoyance or clairaudience, increased intuition). This happens because your spirit is attempting to form a relationship with your body, so that your body, soul, mind and emotional self can all work in harmony to begin your ‘spiritual’ work.

Here are a few of the most common symptoms:

  • You don’t feel like yourself anymore. You may feel happier than you’ve ever felt before, or you may feel unsatisfied with your life. Both of these are simply awareness points that help you to gage where you currently are. Neither one is good nor bad. They are both designed to get your attention, so that you can begin to figure out where to go next.
  • You can no longer tolerate violence on tv, movies or video games. You have become sensitive to violent acts, thoughts or deeds (regardless of whether they are real or imagined) because you can not stand the thought of one person harming another.
  • You get tingling sensations on the top of your head, palms of your hands or bottom of your feet. These are the doorways of very powerful energy centers. When you experience this tingling (or itching or pressure) in these areas, it’s an indication that Universal or Earth energy is moving through you.
  • You seriously question the religious beliefs that you grew up with. You develop an inner knowing that what you have heard and what you were taught all of your life isn’t correct. You may begin to feel upset at unfair or unjust ideas perpetuated by that belief system, especially if it was a fear-based system designed to keep people in check.
  • You have dreams and premonitions that come true. 
  • You have dreams of meeting angels or wise sages who give you good advice and spiritual knowledge. After a dream meeting with one of these beings, you find that you have the answer to a problem, or you feel elated with the new spiritual insight you have gained.
  • You get headaches often, and there doesn’t seem to be a medical explanation for this. It’s been proven that our bodies are mostly water, and water is a powerful conduit for spirit. When we become aligned with the Universe, that energy affects our body, and this is what can cause ongoing tension headaches. Combat this by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and adding chelated magnesium supplements to your diet.


  • You’re always tired. When your spirit awakens, it begins to fine-tune your body so that the vibration of your soul and the vibration of your body are in harmony. The process can take a while, and it can leave you feeling very exhausted. During this time, be sure to indulge in some extra self-care.
  • You are no longer satisfied with shallow friendships, and you crave deep and meaningful relationships. In short, you develop a short tolerance for acquaintances. You want to spend your time with people who you can have deep conversations with. You want to talk about religion, spirituality, philosophies, politics, and other important topics that are often deemed as ‘taboo.’
  • You feel a strong urge to help this planet and the beings on it. Environmental and social justice issues begin to move up the list of priorities for you, and you feel the need to help in some way, shape or form. You may decide to donate to a non-profit organization that aligns with your main concerns for the planet, people or animals. Or you may wish to take a more hands on approach, such as volunteering for a non-profit or becoming more of an activist by spreading awareness through social media.
  • You are more open minded and fascinated by spiritual concepts. You find yourself picking up books or watching videos that introduce you to spiritual ideas you’ve never heard before, and though you’re not sure you agree with them, you feel this drive to learn more about them. You practically form an addiction to learning about religions and spiritual practices from all over the world.
  • You feel excited or anxious about making big, positive changes in your life. You’re life might be very difficult right now, and although you should be scared, you find that you are actually quite happy. Though there is no evidence that anything good is on it’s way to you, somehow you know that something wonderful is coming to you, and you can’t wait to see what that will be.

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