Hey everyone! I’m Nicole Guillaume with Guiding Echoes, the channel that is devoted to your spiritual and personal growth. And in this video, I wanted to address a question people ask me all the time, and that question is…

Can my deceased loved ones hear me when I speak to them?

And the answer to that question is yes.

Now when someone crosses over to the other side, their level of communication becomes very different because they no longer have a physical body. So they are no longer able to speak to us of course, by voice, by words. Instead, they speak to us through what we would consider the different clairs.

So they will use their emotions to speak to us. They might use words but when they speak to us now, it’s going to be through telepathy. So they are able to send thoughts to you or thoughts to a medium so that they can get their messages to you. And when this happens, it can be really easy to doubt if you are, in fact, hearing from that person or not. And in most cases, I believe that you are.

You know, whenever you put out a question to your friend or loved one on the other side, and you get a response back, don’t dismiss it right away. And that’s what people have a tendency to do. They think that it’s just their imagination. But you have to stop to consider that how else is your loved one supposed to communicate with you? They’re on the other side now. They’re in the spirit world. They don’t have a body to communicate with you. So they have to use other venues, and one of them, the most common is going to be telepathy.

And you’re actually going to be able to connect with that person easier than anyone else because you already have a connection with them. You already have an energy strand and energy exchange that’s happening between the two of you. And I talk about this a little bit more in my course How to Connect With Your Deceased Friends and Family, and you can check that out on my website at I’ll put a link to it in the description area down below.

But always know that your loved ones are still there for you. They still hear you. They still want what is best for you, and they can absolutely hear you when they are on the other side. In fact when you start to think about your loved ones who are over there, it kind of acts as a telephone call. It’s almost like they receive a text message because they are instantly informed of that connection. They instantly know that you’re thinking about them. And more often than not, they will come visit you to see what’s up. So when you start thinking of your loved ones, they start thinking of you. In fact, sometimes it works the other way around. You start thinking about a loved one in heaven because they’re thinking of you, or they’re near you. You’re just not aware of that because you may not be that in tuned to the spirit world. I hope that answers your question on whether or not your loved ones can hear you. They absolutely can hear you, but we doubt that because we don’t always hear them. And when we do, we doubt it anyway because it comes to us through means that we’re not familiar with.


Your loved ones are near you, and they are talking to you, but sometimes, you need a little help to hear them.

That’s when a psychic mediumship session can be helpful.