VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hey everyone! I’m Nicole Guillaume with Guiding Echoes, the channel that is devoted to your spiritual and personal growth. And a few days ago I release to video called 11 Signs Your House Might Be Haunted, and I received a question from a wonderful viewer that I wanted to share with you and of course answer here on this channel.  And that question is, “I’m wondering if earthbound spirits can be in more than one place like a crossed over spirit. For example: when we think of a loved one who has passed away, they come to you right away. Now, can earthbound spirits do that same thing when you think of them? Or do they stay at the place they are haunting? Avengie, that is a wonderful question and the answer is . . . it depends. (giggle) It depends. So let’s look at the first scenario.

Let’s say that someone has died and they don’t know that they are dead. This type of spirit believes that he or she is still alive but they’re in this great state of confusion. So they are still bound by the laws of physics because they don’t know that they can walk through walls or that they can sometimes seep through the floor. They don’t know that they can go to different places by thought alone, so because in some ways, they are still confined by walls and  doors, they’re not able to go to different places. It’s not something they’re capable of. These are very confused spirits so they don’t understand why they’re not able to open the door or they’re not able to pick up the keys and, you know, turn on the ignition and drive the car. All they know is that they’re not able to do these things and they don’t understand why. So because of that, spirit is not able to travel because they have this mental block. They don’t understand that they’ve passed away and that they’re pure spirit now, and that they can go wherever they need or want to go now.

The second scenario is when someone dies and they know that they’re dead. They choose to stay in a place because . . . well, that’s simply a choice that they made. So when you have a spirit who is cognitive of the fact that they are dead, those are the ones that typically don’t have an issue traveling to a person that’s thinking of them or traveling to a loved one. They are fully able to do this and so they do. The thing that’s interesting though is when a spirit makes a choice to stay tethered to a place, a house, or an object, they don’t usually travel from it  too much and if they do, they’re not going to be away from it for too long of a time. Okay, so yeah, so sometimes earthbound spirits can travel if they have the recognition that they have crossed over and they know that they’re spirit. Absolutely, they can travel and they can both haunt their place and stay there for the most part, and they can go visit other people cuz they have freedom.

And then you have the first scenario we talked about which is a person who doesn’t know that they’re dead and is constrained by the law of physics. By physical barriers because they don’t know any better. However, I do want to bring up a third option or third scenario for you. Let’s say that there is a ghost who is unaware that he or she has crossed over, and he or she resides in California and you live in Florida. And you want to make a connection to this ghost. You, through consciousness alone, are able to make that your intention and you are able to, in a way, travel to that location and speak to that spirit because energy goes where attention flows. So wherever you set your attention or intention is where you are able to build that bridge of communication. So while you’re still physically in Florida, your mind is able to travel wherever it is that you desire, so you are able to make that connection with the spirits who are trapped in California. And also, I want you to remember this spirits who have crossed over, the  people who have passed away are not really in California. They’re not really in Florida. They’re not really in Nevada. They’re not really in any of these places. They are in another dimension that lays right smack on top of ours. And if they gather enough energy, they’re able to speak loud enough so we can hear them. They’re able to move things around. They’re able to cause the hauntings that oh so many of us love. And I’m saying that sarcastically because most of us don’t like hauntings too much. Especially when it’s in our own home. They’re cool to visit sometimes, but not all that great to live in. So that Spirit doesn’t actually live there. They live in another dimension, so it is actually your consciousness, it is actually your mind, your spirit, your energy meeting them in that dimension where consciousness rules. Where Spirit rules. Where energy is energy, so it’s why spirit communication is possible in the first place, because we are able to make that connection to what I mentioned in the spirit world and the other thing I want to bring up, and this is a topic for another time, is that when it comes to the spirit world, there are lots of different levels there. So it’s why you have the level right on top of us, which is the level or dimension that earthbounds seem to stay. It looks very similar to our dimension but it’s darker. It’s a little heavier too, so there’s that which I mentioned, but then there’s layers on top of it and each layer seems to get lighter, until you get to what we might call heaven.  I know that James Van Praagh, I think he called Sunshine Land. I think he calls it that because he’s trying to take away the religious stigma that the word Heaven has, but there are different layers and so there’s different areas. There’s different dimensions and levels that’s spirit can reside in. In some of these levels and some of these areas, they may feel stuck and it’s why they don’t move around a lot. And in other levels, they have a large awareness, they have a large consciousness and they know that they can travel around just fine. So yeah, so like I said, that’s a topic for another day, but I felt it was important to mention it here to give you a more thorough answer.

So I hope that you answered your question. And for those other viewers who are interested in this topic, I hope I explained it for you in a way you can understand too!

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