Earlier today, news broke of the suicide bombing that took place in Instanbul. The explosion left 5 dead and over 30 injured. This is a sad day, not just for Turkey, but for the world.

As lightworkers, empaths and healers, we often feel the need to help in some way. This can leave us feeling frustrated since we have no financial aid or resources to give. But what we can do is send prayers and healing energy to those who are affected.

After hearing the news of Instabal, I sent out this tweet:

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Which got this response:

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.11.17 AM

Of course, nowhere in my tweet did I suggest that sending light was a substitute for practical solutions, so this response agitated me.

It quickly dawned on me that people don’t understand WHY we send light, prayers and healing energies after tragedies such as this. For most people, this can seem like a waste of time. After all, what good can prayer do in instances such as this?

I can understand the skepticism, so lets talk about the importance of sending energy and prayers to victims and responders in situations like this.

It connects us to the tragedy. – Why is this a good thing? Because when we allow our energy to connect with those who are affected, it allows us to absorb some of that painful energy for them.

Picture the scene: You are walking down down the street with your sister, window shopping and having a great time. You’re laughing, teasing each other, and talking about your plans for the weekend. In one quick moment, that changes, and in less than a minute, you are surrounded by rubble, fire and ashes. You can still feel the heat from the blast on your skin, and you look down, you see your sister lying down, unconscious. You have no idea if she is alive or not.

What would you do next? Would you scream, cry, check her pulse? Would you stand there in shock as your brain tries to piece together what just happened?

There’s no telling what any of us would do in a horrible incident such as that. Such an event would be overwhelming to our systems.

In times like that, we need healers to step into the scene for us. We need them to sweep us up in their precious energy, and help us through this.

Sending energy allows them to cope. It allows them to start working through those emotions. It allows us to take on some of those emotions for them, so that they can begin the grieving and healing process. This doesn’t mean that this person will be right as roses the next day. Not even close. She’ll still be traumatized, scared and in pain for months, maybe even years to come. But as light workers, we can help to lesson the load. We can pray for her and ask her angels to help her through this process.

Connecting to the tragedy also connects us to humanity. It keeps our compassion and empathy in tact. Sending light and love is an act of compassion, and I think we can all agree that it’s better than doing nothing.

It allows the responders to make good, swift decisions. – The police, firemen, and other responders who show up on the scene will be overwhelmed. How could they not be? They might have been told what to do in instances like this, but knowing and doing are two totally different things.

Praying for them allows our guides, gods, angels, etc. to work with these responders to offer sound advice and guidance while they attempt to make sense of the chaos they are witnessing.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were overwhelmed and didn’t know what your next move should be? Out of the blue, an answer or some form of guidance came to you, and you knew, deep within your soul, that it was right. That information you received came to you through your guides and angels.

We must ask our divine spiritual friends to step in so that they can guide the responders in this situation. So let’s not be stingy with our prayers in times of national tragedies. Ask the gates of heaven to open and to flood that area with more angels and guides than we can even imagine. Ask that they can provide divine help and divine miracles. Let your spirit guide you through those prayers and ask for whatever you feel those people need.

It gives angels, guides, and spiritual workers permission to get involved. – The Universe believes in free will. That’s one of the reasons that both blissful moments and extreme tragedies occur. Without free will, we couldn’t express either true love, or deep hatred. I won’t go into the reasons as to why hatred is allowed to exist on our plain, because I really don’t know the answer to that. What I do know, is that as brothers and sisters of earth, we can ask Heaven to move on behalf of each other, and it will move. Maybe not in the way that we think or in the way that we want, but it will act accordingly.

If we don’t ask, it won’t move. It will stay there, watching and waiting. Because the Divine believes in free will, it won’t get involved unless it is asked or if the event will greatly throw off the united path of all beings. In other words, Spirit will act if your life is in danger, but your mission is not complete. It will act if the time of our race is not up, yet a great disaster threatens it. It is in extreme cases that it will act because something bigger is at stake.

Again, I won’t claim to understand why this is, I will only state that I know that it is. I wish the Universe would step in to prevent harmful situations, but it doesn’t.

So while Sarah was right in claiming that sending light and love isn’t a substitute for practical measures, we can definitively say that sending light and love can help to create practical measures. It also gives what practical creations can’t: Deep compassion and healing for the people involved.

So when tragedy strikes, whether on a smaller scale or a larger one, please do your part and send whatever energy you can to those effected. And in case you were wondering: Yes, the same applies to you. If you’re in a situation where you feel lost or pained in someway, you can pray and you can even call healing energy to your own soul and spirit. All energy acts in the same way, whether it’s for one person or for millions.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi



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