“…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Jesus Christ

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus told his disciples that they could move mountains. And in this day and age, we can move mountains both figuratively and literally. Our willpower, skills, and advancement in technology allow us to move physical mountains, whether in whole or in part, for whatever reason we see fit.

But our figurative mountains are so much harder to move, aren’t they? These invisible mountains are the ones that stand in between us, our goals, our happiness, and sometimes, our ability to live.

In 2009, I came face to face with my most frustrating mountain yet. I was unemployed, and living with my parents. My home had gone into foreclosure the year before, and I had made a career switch from a well paid mortgage specialist to a lowly paid office receptionist.

I had gone from being respected, to being looked down upon. Not only was I a receptionist, but I was a temporary employee hired through a temp agency. This means that I did not get the same benefits (sick days, health insurance, paid holidays, etc.) that the other employees had. It also meant that I did not have the same rights as the other employees either.

In November of 2008, I came to a head with my new employer as I did not like the way I was being treated. They moved me from department to department, and position to position during the last 2 months I was there. I received little training and was ridiculed for my ‘poor work performance.’

I was fired, and I didn’t care. I had faced so many struggles and challenges in that year, that being fired by a gossiping two faced manager was the least of my struggles.

I began to look for another job when something unexpected happened. A new mountain stood in between me and my road to self reliance. That mountain came in the form of a new sickness.

In January of 2009, I noticed that my body was leading a slow rebellion against me. I began to get terrible headaches that forced me to go back to bed around noon. I had a pain that traveled in random areas of my body. I would be hungry, but was too nauseated to eat. I had a pain that would shoot up and down my back, legs and feet, which made it hard for me to walk.

The headaches eventually turned into unmanageable migraines, and they began to flare up earlier and earlier each day. It got to the point where the pain was so bad, that I would wake up around 7AM, go to back to bed at 11 AM, and wouldn’t get up until the next day. Then the whole cycle would repeat.

It was terrible.

I went to my doctor but she could not figure out what was wrong with me. My tests came back fine. They could not find the biological reason for the source of all this pain. She told me that she thought I had Fibermyalga, but she didn’t want to diagnose me with it. During the time of this finding, very little was known about Fibermyalga, let alone what caused it.

She looked me in the eyes and said, “You are so young. If I put this on your file, then your insurance rates will go up, and if you see any other doctors for your pain, they’ll just write a prescription for very strong painkillers. My suggestion is that you find another way to manage the pain, because this diagnoses could do more harm than good.”

I appreciated her honesty.

Since it was apparent that western medicine doctors could not help me, I began to look into a holistic approach. I changed my diet and ate organic foods. I incorporated MonaVie into my diet after hearing of the miraculous recoveries different people were experiencing through this new supplement. I sought the help of an acupuncturist, and I began to meditate twice everyday. Once in the morning and once at night.

Within three to four months, I was healthy again.

My headaches had gone away. I no longer had the shooting pains in my back, legs and feet. I was enjoying my food without the overwhelming sensation of nausea, and I was energized. I was no longer fatigued.

It’s hard to say which of these life changes played the most vital role in restoring my health, but I do believe it was the combination of them that allowed me to recover so quickly.

When the doctors couldn’t find the reason for my health issues, I could have easily given up. I could have sought the professional advice of even more doctors, or I could have taken them up on their offer to prescribe highly addictive painkillers to knock out the headaches and pain.

But I didn’t want to put my body through that. Also, having grown up with parents who were prescriptive drug abusers, I had seen the devastating effects that prescription drugs can have on a person’s health. I have made it my life mission to stay away from such drugs, and the strongest form of medication I take is ibprofin.

But that was my mountain. I looked at this mountain, and I felt it in my body, day after day after day. It had stolen my joy for life and my ability to live. I couldn’t even enjoy the simplest things in life. A cup of coffee with a friend. A leisurely walk around my neighborhood. Swinging on the porch swing while enjoying the friendly chirping and singing of the birds that fly overhead. Reading a good book. Even watching TV.

When it became apparent that this mountain had no intention of budging, I made it my intention to get it to move. It took time and it took work, but that mountain is finally gone.

Here are some tips that can help you to move your mountain.

1. Identify Your Mountain. For some of us, identifying our mountain is easy. As in the story above, it was not hard to realize that my mountain came in the form of poor health. It was something that I had to face every morning that I woke up. Your mountain may be entirely different than mine. Your mountain could be the worthlessness you feel after a divorce. It could be the job that you hate. It could be your inability to get ahead in your finances. And it might be something even more subtle.

Your mountain could be the negative way that you speak to yourself. It could be the crippling shyness you feel when you’re around other people. It could be the insecurities you have about yourself. It could be your temper, and how you unknowingly make the people around you very uncomfortable.

We all have our mountains, only some are more obvious than others. Once you have found your mountain or mountains, put a name to it.

This mountain is my health. This mountain is my reactive impulses. This mountain is my general unhappiness.

What is your mountain? Identify it. Write it down and observe your thoughts about it.

“… I had realized my fears and acknowledged my mistakes.” 
― Maria V. Snyder

2. Get Clear About What You Want. Imagine what your life would be like without this mountain.

Instead of being in a toxic relationships with someone who is constantly angry, hurtful, and puts you down, imagine what it would be like to be with someone who is peaceful, resourceful, and lifts you up.

Instead of being sick or fatigued, imagine what it would be like to be healthy, and energetic.

Instead of being angry, and sarcastic all the time, imagine how much better people would respond to you if you were peaceful, kind and sincere.

Instead of living paycheck to paycheck and being worried about your finances, imagine how it would feel to make better financial choices, and knowing that you will always have your needs met.

What is your mountain, and how does it effect what you want out of life? Be crystal clear about what your life would look like if this mountain was no longer there. Gain a new vision and a new desire for your life, because this will help you to build faith in what can be, instead of focusing on what currently is.

“The more boundless your vision, the more real you are.” 
― Deepak Chopra

3. Talk To It. Jesus not only told us that we could move our mountains, but he told us that we could talk to them with authority.

That’s an interesting word, isn’t it? When you hear the word authority, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For most people, they will think of a parent, teacher, boss, or police officer. They will think of someone who currently has, or at one point had authority over their life.

The word authority means to have the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.

In other words, you have the power to make decisions for your own life. You have the power to give orders and commands, and you have the power to (are you ready for this?) enforce obedience.

But you have to be sincere. You must be unwavering in your faith and your commitment to the removal of your mountain. So talk to your mountain, and tell it that it is no longer a welcome presence in your life.

Talking to your mountain is a vital step in taking back your own power. It helps you to claim your authority.

And let’s take a look at the word authority again. If we break it down, the word authority has a hidden message.

It says:

Author – It – Y.

When it comes to your life, you are the AUTHOR of IT.


Because you are a divine child of God and the AUTHOR IT Y and power to create your own life has been left in your hands.

So claim your authority. Talk to your mountain. Tell it where it must go and keep your eyes on what lays on the other side of that block. Once that mountain is gone, everything you could ever want will be available to you.

I find it interesting that Jesus didn’t say “Believe in me and this mountain will move.” Nor did he say, “Pray that God will move this mountain for you and he will.”

No, he told the disciples that they each had the power to make it move, and  he is saying the same thing to you too. YOU have the authority and ability to move your mountain. All it requires is faith of a mustard seed.

“You can change your world by changing your words…
Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.”
– Joel Osteen

4. Have faith. I’ve always been flabbergasted and downright frustrated by people who say, “Have faith.” as if it were an easy thing to come by. I have faith in myself and my ability to make myself a cup of coffee, but that is far different than my faith to move a mountain.

But what’s interesting is that Jesus said that it was the faith of a mustard seed that could move a mountain. Let’s think about that for a while.

Look at the size of a mustard seed versus that of a mountain.

A mustard seed is tiny. It’s about 1-2 millimeters in diameter.

A mountain is at least 2000 feet (or 610 millimeters) tall.

Put these two side by side and you’ll see that mountain is so big that you can’t even see the mustard seed anymore.

Yet that is the only amount of faith required to make things happen.

And remember, we are talking about a mustard SEED here. And what is it that seeds do?

They grow. And that’s exactly what happens to you as you continue to nurture your seed of faith.

So how does one acquire faith? That’s a good question, and there are many ways of doing that. Positive affirmations, visualizations, meditation, prayers and even seeking the encouragement of friends is a great way to help you acquire faith in moving your mountain.

I believe that the seed of faith required is simply one that believes it is possible for that mountain to move. You don’t need to know how it is going to happen, or even if it is going to happen. You simply need to believe that it can happen, and you can grow your faith from there.

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” 
― Robin S. Sharma

5. Be Patient. Now that you have summoned up the courage and faith required to speak to your mountain, you must have the patience to see it through.

See, our mountain was created by our own thoughts and energy. We allowed it to manifest over time, and consciously or unconsciously, we gave it permission to be in our lives. Even if we claimed to hate it.

Somewhere along the line, we talked ourselves into believing that it was okay to have this mountain stick around. We learned to deal with it, and in doing so, gave it the power and permission it needed to stay.

In other words, that mountain is very strong, heavy and powerful which is why it needs to leave.  And it may take time for it to move.

If you have built a habit of hitting the liquor cabinet every time something terrible or disappointing happened to you, then it will take time to create a new habit that is contrary to this one.

If you have given yourself over to the temptation of fried, greasy or sugary foods over a period of years, then it will take time for that habit to go away.

If you have been in a toxic, unhealthy relationship, then it may take time to get your independence back.

The mountains that you created over time, will take time to move. But now  that you are aware of your mountains and your authority over them, and what needs to be done to get them to move, it stands to reason that you can clear them faster than you created them.

What took months or even years to build, can take days to weeks to knock down.

Don’t let the passing of time discourage you from moving your mountain. Time is going to pass whether you’re moving it or not. So you may as well make good use of your time by removing that mountain rock by rock, shovel by shovel. And do not stop until every last bit of that mountain is out of your way.

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” 
― Benjamin Franklin

What can you do today to remove your mountain?

Great! No go do it and keep at it until the path is clear.



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