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The Lightworker’s Guide to the Pendulum was originally an Amazon Bestseller, and once you get your FREE copy, you’ll see why!

The Lightworker’s Guide to the Pendulum is your answer to unlocking your inner psychic. This book takes you on a magical journey of psychic awareness and self-discovery. You will learn how to use a pendulum to become a psychic in seconds. Never before has it been so easy to learn the who, what and how of using a pendulum. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll learn to:

Connect with Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Your Higher Self and Loved ones
Get accurate answers
Locate missing items
Tell the future
Balance your chakras
Heal the body
And more

Best of all, ANYONE can do it!!! Every person on the planet has a spiritual gift, and you are no exception. We all have access to the Universal Mind, but the problem is that most people don’t know how to tap into it. You don’t have to meditate for hours on end, at the top of a secluded mountain in order to get the answers you’ve been looking for. All you need is a pendulum, a curious mind, an open heart and this incredibly helpful book.

If you want to double… even triple… your accuracy in your private or professional psychic readings, then pick up this book by top psychic and tarot reader Nicole Guillaume. It contains 9 chapters of useful tactics and techniques that can turn you into a pendulum dowsing professional the FIRST time you use it. The Lightworker’s Guide to the Pendulum teaches you the simple methods and strategies that the most reliable psychics and pendulum practitioners use to get results that amaze and impress.

Once you learn the fundamental secrets to using the pendulum, you’ll NEVER want to put it down!

You can use this information in your private studies, or you can use it to wow your friends and be the life of the party. Nothing will be impossible for you once you learn the art of decoding the pendulum.

Here’s what Amazon Readers Had To Say

I was not sure what to expect! Dowsing? To an oldster (being meself!) I thought of it as dowsing for water; sometimes called “water witching” (which does work, btw – even used by professionals in the field of construction).

Pendulum? After her description of various mechanisms – from the complex to the quickly constructed – I realized that, I’d used such a thing to predict the sex of a coming baby! We used a needle and thread poked into an eraser, and the point of the pencil was hovered above the inside of the pregnant woman’s wrist. The author uses humor throughout the book, making it a very enjoyable read. (A tin can attached to a string??? LOL!)

The author has shared her own trial and errors and fascinating stories with tips for success. Although this is a quick read, it is one to keep handy for reference – especially, the various techniques for cleansing the pendulum.


This is really informative, and written in a clear, fun, and easy-to-read manner. Nicole really knows her stuff, and she shares it beautifully.


Jay Schryer

When I purchased this book, I was curious, because (1) the cover is just adorable and (2) I’ve heard of the pendulum and have always wanted to learn more. I planned to create my own and spend my time reading, learning and practicing. I got a jump start one night and found myself in the third chapter – already. And I hadn’t even chosen a pendulum.

Nicole writes like she’s talking to friends about something fun and new she’s discovered. Her writing was fun for me, because it’s like she knew what questions would come to mind and would head them off with an answer or letting me know that we’ll cover that later.

All in all, what I learned is that a pendulum is more than making a circle spinning back and forth or in circles. I find myself wanting to get a sage stick and smudge my entire house. And I’m wondering if there’s a store that sells crystals locally.

Thank you for this fantastic book. You took me from a skeptic to someone who wants to try something on my path to becoming a famous professional blogger!


Keep The Tail Wagging

Fun, informative, and quick read. The author has a lighthearted & friendly tone of voice making you feel like you are chatting with a friend. I’ve worked with pendulums before but picked up some fun tid bits to add to my pendulum practice. I really liked the crystal appendix for a quick reference when looking for a new pendulum.

Amazon Customer


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