“When you are craving love and acceptance, you will go to great lengths to find it.”
This thought came to my mind this morning, and as someone who has felt unloved for most of her life, I can tell you that the desire to go to ‘great lengths to find it’ is true.
And I know all of you are tired of hearing about the election, and the Trump protests, and even the violence that has been elicited by both the right and the left, but please…regardless of how tired you are of this…please read this post.
The real issue here is that there are a lot of people in this world who are looking for love and acceptance. They want to feel safe, and valued. They want to know that they matter.
And that is what these protests are truly about.
It is about groves of people saying, “We feel unloved. We feel unaccepted. We want you to know how deeply we are hurting and how this outcome is affecting us.”
How can we ignore these pleas, if we claim to be humane and compassionate? Why would we tell them to stop, and get over it, if we truly believed that their need to be loved and accepted mattered to us, too?
We are being pulled into an us vs them war, and while people want to blame the media, the truth is that this war is about what we, as brothers and sisters of the human race, are willing to allow. The media, and not even politics, put us against each other. WE did that. The media was just the catalyst that got this ugly war started.
So now we stand divided, neighbor against neighbor. Brother against brother. Sister against sister. And this is not okay.
You are my sister, even if you were born in Mexico.
You are my mother, even if you were born in Syria.
You are my family, even if we do not share blood.
You are important to me, even if I don’t know you.
Ladies and gentlemen, you need to understand that the people who are protesting aren’t just afraid. They’re sad. They’re angry. They feel betrayed.
They are here because they thought America was already great, and they wanted to experience that. But instead, what they experienced was racism and bigotry, because America voted for a racist bigot to be our next president.
All of us should be taking that personally. Every single one of us, because that is a slap in the face for all mankind.
Listen, the people marching right now most likely belong to segregated groups that have felt judged and discriminated against for a very long time.
They march because they want to believe they matter. They protest because they can’t believe that America would attack them like this.
Trump said that once he was elected as President, America would be great again. So let me ask you…does this seem great to you? Do the loads of people who are scared, sad, and fearful for their lives seem great?
Because let’s not forget that America isn’t really a land. It’s an idea that is perpetrated by the people who live here. For me, a great America is one where we can let people know that they will be safe here. That regardless of religion, creed, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, that they are safe and welcome here. That they will always have friends and family here. It’s one where we take care of each other, whether it’s through government assistance programs, or the kind gestures and generosity of non-profits and individuals who can afford to help out.
It’s about unity, not division.
So when you vote for a candidate that encouraged division…what does that say about you?
“I don’t trust those Syrian refugees.”
“Those Mexicans are stealing our jobs! They need to go back home.”
“People need to get a job and stop living off of the welfare system!”
Where is the humanity, or compassion in that?
When you vote against humanity, you vote against yourself, because one day, you could be a homeless refugee. You could be a stranger in a new land, trying to make ends meet. You might be completely poor and need government assistance.
You just don’t know what life will bring you.
So please, America…please show these minorities and protestors that they matter. You can’t undo your vote, but you can stand beside them, and you can sign petitions. You can be there for people who are scared, and listen to their reasons for being so fearful. You can be compassionate. You can be humane.
But please…don’t allow your bigotry and hate to negatively affect other people.
Don’t allow your religious views to step on the basic human needs and rights of other people. Please, don’t be that way.
I hope that this post gave you an idea as to why people are protesting, and if it did, I hope you will do something about it. I hope it will encourage you to take some type of action so that the discrimination does not win.
We are in for a long ride, and I’m not sure I have the strength for it. But let’s remember that there is power in numbers.
We will be the ones to make America great again, and by great, I mean loving, kind, compassionate and safe for all who are born here, and all who come here.



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