What if there was a set of cards that could help you to navigate from heartbreak to wholeness?

What if these cards could provide you with tools and insight that would help you to gain a better understanding of who you are, and how you can heal from the traumatic events that have unfolded in your life?

What if these cards could help you to heal your emotional wounds, and help you to write your future?

Would you be interested?

That set of magical healing cards are here now.

The Healing for the Broken Heart oracle cards were created specifically for you. They were designed to validate your experience and emotions, while offering compassion and guidance.

How Is This Deck Different From Other Oracle Decks?

Many oracle decks on the market today are purely positive decks. They do not have cards which reflect negative emotions. The Healing for the Broken Heart oracle is a balanced deck, because it validates the uncomfortable emotions that are caused by trauma while offering positive cards that encourage wholeness and healing. These cards do not shy away from confronting and embracing difficult emotions, because they were created specifically for people who are overcoming personal challenges. Healing requires honesty, so it’s important to honor and validate all facets of your journey during and after heartbreak.

How Can This Deck Be Used To Heal A Broken Heart?

The cards can be used in two different ways.

One option is to read through the cards as if they are a self-help book. They will walk you through the mourning process, and gently take you from a place of pain to a place of power, from hurting to healing.

The other is to shuffle them and ask any question you’d like. The cards will reveal the true nature of the problem you are facing, and possible steps you can take to overcome them.


This isn’t just a deck, it’s a complete kit.

The Healing for the Broken Heart oracle deck comes with:

  • 47 cards featuring original artwork
  • A satin drawstring bag
  • A downloadable guidebook
  • Access to the Healing for the Broken Heart online certification course which is available to you 24/7


The Healing for the Broken Heart
Online Certification Course

Now, maybe you don’t want to read these cards professionally, and maybe you have no desire to be a certified reader. That’s okay, because you will still gain access to this course, and you can use it for your own understanding of these cards. You don’t have to be certified if you don’t want too.

The online course was designed so that you can move through it at your own pace. You can also skip around and take the lessons out of order, if you want to. The main goal is that you learn something from it, and that you gain deeper insight into the cards and how they can be used.


A program like this would normally sell for $250 and up,
but I’m selling it for only $99.

Why is all of this so cheap? Because I want to get this into as many hands as possible. I want you to move forward knowing that you got a great deal, and that you are fully trained to use these cards for yourself, and for other people.



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