Have you ever felt like you’re meant to be a part of something that would help to  change this world?

Have you ever you ever watched the masses in need of healing and wished you could offer greater hope?

These are not just feelings.

These are invitations.

At this moment, there is a great movement of healers working to bring wholeness to this world. This year, we are contributing to these efforts.

This movement is centered on the healing that comes from within.

For sometime now, the world has evolved in such a way that we think of healing only as something that comes from outside of ourselves—as our doctors, medicine or surgery.

But in fact, most of the healing we will do during our lives is accomplished very naturally, without any outside assistance.

The body, heart, and mind can all heal themselves.

And though pain can be physical, those who study humanity would argue that emotional pain is not only more pervasive, but more powerful.

Emotional pain breaks us at our core—our heart—from which all else comes.

Heartbreak starts from within, but without healing, it eventually bleeds out. If left unhealed, pain will keep seeking a healer.

Heartbreak might start as a feeling, but soon it affects our bodies, our lifestyles, our beliefs, our relationships, our communities, our cultures, our governments, our social systems and our whole world.

And many of us will carry these broken hearts our entire lives.

But today, that changes.

Today, you are invited to help create the

Healing For The Broken Heart

Guidance Cards.

Coming September, 2016!!!

This deck has been specifically designed to help people heal from those losses that leave us most devastated:

  • The death of a loved one
  • End of a relationship
  • Betrayal of a partner
  • Loss of a job
  • Financial hardships
  • Foreclosure or bankruptcy

As well as many, many other tragedies and traumas we are too often forced to face and carry.

Obviously, life isn’t always fair. Eventually everyone needs a compassionate friend to assure us what we’re feeling makes us no less ‘normal’ than those celebrating their triumphs. As humans, we all need validation when we find ourselves in the depths of real sadness, anger, pain, confusion or the simple need to mourn the loss of something we’d invested our time, heart and energy in.

Eventually we all experience the pain of loss, but maintaining clarity in the midst of true pain can be very difficult. Most of us need some kind of guidance during these times, and what guidance is better suited for the soul than guidance from Spirit?

Unfortunately, our friends and family members don’t always know how to help us through the grieving process. We’re not all trained counselors. Many of us are without friends or family that know how to help, despite their desire to support us.

But no matter who is in our lives, we know Spirit is already here with us, during our darkest hours. We need only reach out and ask. Their guidance is already being handed to us.

That is what this deck was created to accomplish.

There will be two different ways to use these cards:

(1) You can read through the cards as if they are a self-help book. They will walk you through the mourning process, and gently take you from a place of pain to a place of power, from hurting to healing.

(2) You will also be able to use these cards as an oracle deck. You’ll be able to shuffle them and ask any question you’d like. The cards will reveal the true nature of the problem you are facing, and possible steps you can take to overcome them.

This is not a ‘purely positive’ deck. It is a completely balanced and honest deck,

Because healing requires honesty.

As anyone in pain knows, emotions are not always pleasant. However, pleasant or not, our emotions are always helpful.

Healing requires that we face every feeling—good or bad. Each emotion is a clue to solving the entire puzzle. And each card in this deck will helps you discover a new clue.

These cards weren’t designed to ‘cheer you up’ or ‘look on the bright side’.

Rather, they were designed to give you the courage, strength, and permission you need to address your pain from a place of sincerity and honesty.

Unlike most oracle decks on the market today, these cards will address the very real feelings of pain and loss that all people face when they experience a traumatic or tragic event. Instead of forcing you to push past those painful feelings, these cards will lovingly encourage you to learn from those feelings, by feeling them completely instead of avoiding them, until you can come to an understanding of the message that experience came to deliver.

Pain is nothing more than an uncomfortable notification from Spirit.

Once the lesson is learned, the pain stops.

As this deck helps us recognize the words, images and feelings of Spirit more clearly, we learn our lessons much faster and are able to end the pain much sooner.

This is how we gain true healing from the inside out.

Here’s how you can be a part of this life affirming, soul healing project.

This project has already come a great distance, over many obstacles. Only through the help and contribution of an entire team of healers, mystics, allies and pathfinders has this deck been made possible.

In fact, if I was simply out to make money, I could have accepted the publishing offer’s I’ve already been given. But I would have had to sacrifice my vision. I would have had to turn this deck into a “look on the bright side” deck.

No one wanted to publish an oracle deck that talks about real pain.

So instead, Spirit has given us this opportunity to energize this project with our own magic!

Magic that only come from a community of powerful healers and allies!

So instead, I am relying on the charity of beautiful souls like you to contribute through this private funding campaign. You might be wondering:

Why not use Kickstarter or another crowdfunding campaign?

That’s an excellent question! Crowdfunding campaigns take a portion of all money that they receive. I thought it was better to cut out the middle man so that all finances (with the exception of the PayPal fees) can go to the creation of this deck.

The artwork is already completed and fully paid! Yay! So now, the goal is to raise the funds required to get this baby off to the printers and into the lives of our fellow Earth siblings.

Please note that additional shipping and handling costs will apply to financial backers who live outside of the United States of America. (International shipping can be a bit pricey!)


Thank you for your participation and contribution to the Healing for the Broken Heart Guidance cards!

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