A few weeks ago, I took an Angel Healing course online. Once I learned how to work with this Angelic energy, I decided to ask my angels for help with something that I have been struggling with for the past few years.

Like many Americans, I am overweight. I have tried numerous diets and I have lost a lot of weight. However, I have a hard time sticking to a diet and exercise program, so the weight always comes back. My craving for mochas, soda, candy, cookies and other forms of junk food always returned. I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to work with my amazing team of Angels and to ask them for help with this. I tuned myself into their energy and they offered it freely.

Truth be told, I was not expecting any changes to take place. I have given up on weight loss because I don’t have the willpower for it. I really did believe that I was a lost cause and that my Angels probably wouldn’t be able to do anything to help me to lose weight either. After all, I had tried everything else. Why should this be any different?

Two days later, the cravings for two of my biggest vices (Dr Pepper and Peanut M&Ms) went away. They were just gone. I no longer craved them or wanted them. They didn’t even sound good. So, I stopped consuming them. This was about 3 weeks ago.

A few days later, out of the blue, I decided to start jogging. I hate jogging. But I was outside walking my dog Lilly and the urge hit me, so I jogged. Then I jogged the next day, then the next, then the next and now, it’s a habit. I even have a jogging buddy.

About a week later, I received the urge to drink only water. Today, I am on my 9th day of drinking only water. No juices, no sodas, no coffees or teas. Just water. While I acknowledge that juices, coffees and teas are healthy for you, I should mention that I liked them only when they were loaded with sugar (or in other words, empty calories).

I have made three, small lifestyle changes and I know that they will have incredible effects. The amazing part is that I didn’t plan these changes and I didn’t really set out to do these things. They just happened. I literally woke up one morning and my cravings were gone. They had been replaced by a desire to change my lifestyle to one that was healthier.

I should point out that my goal isn’t even to lose weight. My goal isn’t to be healthier. My goal is to live the life that I want and to have fun doing it. And right now, jogging is fun. Giving up calorie loaded drinks and sugary foods is easy. In fact, it’s a habit.

If I had tried this a month ago, on my own, I would have failed. I know I would have. It is truly by the grace of God and the touch of the Angels that I have been able to do this.

I even told my friend about this and asked her if I could experiment with her and this new energy. She told me that she was addicted to ice cream and would like this craving to be removed. So, I connected with the same Angelic forces that helped me with my cravings and sent that same energy to her. When I spoke to her two days later, she informed me that her ice cream cravings were gone. It doesn’t even sound good to her anymore.

Since I have experienced such an amazing release through this practice, I want to offer it to you as well.

I am now offering this specific energy to heal food addictions for only $35 a session. 

As with me, the healing energies may come to you through installments or it may come to you at one time. It is different for everybody. If you do not notice or feel any changes right away, remain patient. It can take a week or two for the energies to kick in.

Oh and one more thing. In order for this to work, you must truly surrender yourself into the arms of the Angels. You must be willing to give up and acknowledge that everything you have tried has failed. You must be ready to accept the advice they give to you or the cravings that they take away. You must be ready to open yourself up to their healing love, guidance and energy.

I have had one person report that her cravings to chocolate went away but she continued to eat chocolate anyway. And then, the cravings came back. It is important that you do not sabotage yourself in this way.

If you are ready to surrender your cravings and food addictions to the Angels….if you are ready to make healthy changes on your own because you WANT to and not because you HAVE to, then you are ready to accept this amazing gift.

To receive your Healing Food Addictions session, simply click the paypal button below and place your order. Once I receive your order, I will be able to send the energy to you. Sometimes, the angels will give me messages to send to you, so if I receive any information from them, I will be sure to pass it along to you.

Say “Goodbye” to your cravings, and “Hello” to a healthier, spiritual YOU.

Please note: I am not a doctor or healthcare professional. I do not diagnose conditions, illness or disease; or subscribe medications or treatments. This service is not meant to replace professional help. By ordering this Healing Food Addictions energy session, you release Guiding Echoes, its founder, employees and any and all of its affiliates from any and all liability. 




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