It’s interesting to note that people of all faiths and religions believe in heavenly or otherworldly beings who protect us from evil and provide us with messages from the spirit world. Yet there isn’t a lot that we know about these beings. They seem to be secondary (albeit very important) characters in an incredible ongoing story. A story in which gods and goddesses take center stage, and mankind simply serves as a backdrop.

I believe that part of our fascination with them comes from the fact that they are so mysterious. Not a lot is written about them in holy books, yet their interaction with mankind has been documented for centuries. Most of what we know about angels comes from ancient holy books, forbidden gnostic texts, and from people who have had real life encounters with them.

This short collection of 8 Interesting facts about angels is based on what I’ve learned through my own studies and direct interaction with them. In fact 3, 5 and 8 were all revelations that were channeled to me by my guardian angels.

  1. The word Angel comes from the greek word ‘angelos’ which means ‘messenger.’ Although this is what the ancients called them, it’s not completely accurate to who they are and what they represent. In fact, angels seem to be more like warriors and protectors, sages and doctors than simply messengers. One of their roles is to aid mankind in making decisions that are good for themselves and for humanity as a whole. Of course, not everyone listens to the advice given to us by the angels, but the world would be better if they did.
  2. Angels are often depicted with wings and halos, yet this is not their natural shape. Angels are shapeless, because they are pure energy. They often appear in life, photos and videos as orbs and light.
  3. Angels have not been, and will never be human. They do not incarnate into human form, and humans do not become angels when they die. However, humans can become ascended masters and spirit guides. The only known exceptions to this rule are Metatron and his brother.
  4. Angels are non-denominational. They are not specific to one religion or culture. In fact, they have different names and appearances in different cultures and religions.
  5. Angels can travel in-between realms, and they help countless gods, goddesses, ascended masters and other spiritual beings to deliver messages and aid to one another.
  6. Angels can serve many different functions. Some are warriors and fighters. Some are gentle counselors. Some work best with children, others work best with adults. Just like people, angels all have different areas that they excel in.
  7. Not all angels are good. Many holy books tell us about fallen angels, and these are the ones we need to be careful with. They’re easy enough to recognize, because fallen angels do not want what is best for humanity. No one really knows what their true agenda is, but there are plenty of theories. Fallen angels won’t encourage you to be a better person. They will (and do) encourage you to take action that will hurt you, and hurt others. They will speak to you in a way that is disrespectful and disturbing. If you find yourself being harassed by a fallen angel, you can ask Archangel Michael for his help, or contact a priest, priestess or shaman.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, angels can not be in several places at the same time. However, they do have avatars, and their avatars can be in different places at the same time. An Avatar is best described as a twin that share consciousness with the other twin. However, there is more than two avatars. There are hundreds to thousands of them.

This last tidbit (number eight) was given to me in a vision. I didn’t see one Archangel Michael. I saw several of them. I saw several Gabriels and Ariels too. Even though they all share consciousness, it’s possible that they all have individual aspects too, which could explain why two people who channel archangel Michael might receive two different, seemingly contradictory messages. They are both messages from Archangel Michael told from different points of view.



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