So, you want to expand your psychic muscles but aren’t sure where to start. There are several tools available to psychics but many of them can be overwhelming to the newbie. Astrology, numerology, tarot, runes are all fascinating tools to work with, but they require a lot of time to learn them and a lot of practice to get them right.

Fortunately, not all psychic tools require hours of study but all of them do require practice. The methods listed below are great for beginners, and many gifted, seasoned psychics use these tools in their daily practices.

Whether you’re new at developing your psychic muscles or you’ve been doing it for years, meditation is an important part of every psychic’s daily practice.

What it is: Meditation is a form of clearing your mind so that you can connect directly to source and receive messages from angels, spirits, God and other deities. It also helps to open your third eye chakra which is associated with gaining insight and messages from beyond.

How it works: There are many different forms of meditation but if you’re new to the practice, guided meditations may be the best choice for you, as the keep your mind in the now and help it to stay focused. Mindfulness Meditation is also useful but it can be harder if you’re new to meditation. Mindfulness meditation is the art of quieting your mind and focusing on your breath. This can be extremely challenging at first as your mind will have a natural tendency to become distracted and will begin to think of other things. The key is to go at your own pace, take your time and start small.

After you have mastered the art of quieting your mind, you will begin to decipher messages from God or your higher self, versus your rambunctious mind.

Pendulums are amazing tools for connecting to your higher self or your spirit guides.

What it is: A pendulum is a simple device made of an object (usually a stone) which is connected to a chain or string. This is one of the easiest tools to work with whether your a newbie or a pro.

How it works: Hold the end of a pendulum in your hand while the side with the stone hangs down. You will ask a pendulum a series of questions and it will give you the answers ‘yes, no or maybe’. When first working with a pendulum, you will have to determine what yes or no means. For example, if your pendulum swings from side to side, that might indicate a yes. If it swings in a circle, or up and down, that may indicate no. In order to decipher your yes, no and maybe, you simply need to hold your pendulum and say “Show me yes” and it will swing in a way that indicates ‘yes’. Then you will say ‘Show me no’ and the way it moves will indicate no.

Aside from answering yes or no questions, you can also use a pendulum with charts to get more information, or to help with decision makings. You can find several free pendulum charts on the internet by doing a simple google search. Of course, you can also make your own.

You can purchase a pendulum in any new age or occultic store, but if you prefer one that is made specifically for you, I recommend going through Emerald Nightflower Designs . She has a gift at creating pendulums that will work best with you and your guides. I often refer to her as the Stone Architect as she has a deep insight into stones, their uses and knows which stones work best together. You can visit her website here:

To learn more about pendulums and how to use them, check out the ebook, Decoding the Pendulum: Become a Psychic in Seconds available on Amazon.

Oracle Cards
If you’ve ever wanted to dabble with tarot, then you may want to try getting your feet wet with oracle cards first.

What they are: Oracle Cards usually come in decks of 30-50 cards. Unlike tarot cards, they are not divided into any suits and most oracle decks focus on positive meanings and outcomes. Each card has a picture and a word or sentence to tell you what it means. They are useful in manifestation, fortune telling and gaining insight to your situations.

How They Work: Think of your question as you shuffle your oracle cards. Once you get that intuitive push that tells you that you’ve shuffled enough (you may feel a gentle vibe in your gut or chest that signals you to stop, or you may actually hear a voice say ‘stop’) you can draw one or more cards from the top of the deck, or split the deck and draw your cards there.

Personally, I like to use four oracle cards when asking a question.

The first card represents a lesson that you learned in the past.
The second card represents a possible block.
The third card represents suggested action from your angels, guides or Higher Self.
The fourth card represents the probable outcome.

Although each card has a word or sentence that tells you what each card means, you can also take a look at the picture and see if the picture is telling you something. I have done many oracle readings in which I got more information from the picture than I did from the words or statements printed on the cards.

Doreen Virtue has many Oracle Cards that are easy to work with, so you may want to check out her collection on Amazon or at your local occult store.

Determining Which Tool Is Right For You

We all receive psychic information in different ways. You may find that you like one method over another, or that all of them work equally as well. The secret is to practice and play with all of them so that you can get a feel of which tools, and methods or working with those tools, are right for you.

When it comes to readings, and receiving information intuitively, there really is no right or wrong way to do things. Whatever works for you is what is right for you. While some experts in the field may give you information to work with or to increase your knowledge of these tools, no one can tell you what method will work best for you. So play with it, have fun, and continue to explore.



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